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 Aden and Somaliland Study Group 

A Study Group for Collectors of

India used in Aden
Aden - Bombay Sea Post Office
Aden States
(Kathiri States of Seiyun, Qu'aiti State of Shihr & Mukalla, Qu'aiti State in Hadhramaut, Mahra State of Qisha & Socotra)
South Arabian Federation
South Yemen
India used in Somaliland
Somaliland Protectorate
(Obock, Afar and Issa, Cote des Somalis Francaise)
Italian Somaliland

The Dhow

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The Dhow is published quarterly
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Malcolm Lacey
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Selected web Pages on Aden Philately 

 ILLUSTRATIONS of the CANCELLATIONS on Stamps of INDIA used in ADEN 1855-1937
Robert J B Wilson

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