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Postal Stationery Newspaper Wrapper Catalogue

The Postal Stationery Newspaper Wrapper Catalogue

Copies of the catalogue are now available to be purchased. The three part catalogue has a total of 1,258 pages with a total of 5,553 colour illustrations.

Part 1 (countries A to F) has 396 pages, Part 2 (countries G to Z) has 454 pages and Part 3 (Great Britain) has 418 pages.

Front Cover for Catalogue of Newspaper Wrappers   Front Cover for Catalogue of Newspaper Wrappers   Front Cover for Catalogue of Newspaper Wrappers  
ISBN 978-1-9161309-0-6 [part 1]                               ISBN 978-1-9161309-1-3 [part 2]                               ISBN 978-1-9161309-2-0 [part 3]

ISBN 978-1-9161309-3-7 [set of 3]

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This is the Preface which appears in the catalogue.

When starting to seriously collect newspaper wrappers some twenty years ago I soon discovered that there was no single up to date catalogue covering the subject. To assist me in the task of collecting newspaper wrappers a simple list was started based mainly on the Higgins and Gage postal stationery catalogue with prices being updated to those observed on internet sales. It soon became apparent that the H&G catalogue needed not only the prices to be revised but the listing also required improvements and corrections. Before long this produced the idea of publishing a printed catalogue. So seventeen years ago the serious task of compiling the catalogue commenced.

As one could not rely on existing literature being accurate or complete, multiple copies of wrappers were purchased and still continue to be purchased to this day. Many books were purchased and many trips made to the Royal Philatelic Society of London library to consult literature which was difficult to obtain. The work of numerous authors was carefully examined and the information collated to help produce this work. Reliance on literature was not always found to be very satisfactory. Authors, even in the present day, are repeating errors made by authors in the past. In order to ensure accuracy the editor has endeavoured to acquire as many of the items listed in this catalogue as possible. So far a total of over 25,000 newspaper wrappers (inclusive of duplicates) have been acquired as a reference collection.

The book presented now is the result of the many years of collecting, the countless hours spent researching literature and carefully checking the collection of newspaper wrappers. One can never claim to have complete knowledge no matter how much time may have been spent on the subject. Every effort has been made to ensure that the information given is as accurate as possible and I am very much aware that there will always be gaps to be filled. As there is virtually nothing published on the subject of private overprints on newspaper wrappers this is one area where much more still needs to be added. As this catalogue goes to press an average of two or three additional private overprints a month are still coming to the attention of the editor. Past experience shows that this figure will gradually decrease but will not stop for a long time.

When the project was started the list was compiled with the prices at which collectors purchased the items and not the prices that dealers wanted to sell. This policy has been maintained to the present day. For lower priced items the price is based almost entirely on internet sales. For higher priced items this has not been always possible and editorial discretion has been used to give a value. For items with private overprints it has been almost impossible to make a judgement. If an item sells for just a few pounds and it is the only copy to have appeared on the market in eighteen years, how can one decide what the value is? Hence the majority of items with private overprints have been left unpriced.

Sincere thanks to all the people who have helped, without their assistance the editor could never have completed this work. In one way or another all the people made an important contribution. Some through the amount of time they devoted, some through the important detailed information they contributed and some through the encouragement they gave.

Vicki Archard, Colin Baker, Sybrand Bakker, Peter Bamert, James Bendon, Robert Betts, Michael Blinman, Maurice Buxton, John K Courtis, Santiago Cruz, Mark Diserio, Fred Ekenstam, Dave Elsmore, Lars Engelbrecht, Debby Friedman, John Gledhill, Alan Griffiths, Allan Gory, Michael Hamilton, Keith Hanman, Tom Herinckx, Alan Huggins, André Hurtré, Michael James, A E Buzz Jehle, George King, George Krieger, Malcolm Lacey, Ron Lahner, Wayne Menuz, Larry Parks, Terry Page, Tony Pinder, Edgard Pockelé, Martin Robinson, Stephen D Schumann, Bjorn Sohrne, Ivo Steiyn, Joachim Strahlendorff, Carl Troy, Dan Undersander, Martin Walker, Paul de Leeuw van Weenen, Allan F Wichelman and Graham Winters.

Sincere thanks to all these philatelists and others who have helped by making available the results of their research and scans of their philatelic possessions for the benefit of everyone who may use this catalogue.

With the enormous quantity of information that is included in this book, the editor realises that it would be too much to expect that no errors have crept in, even with the numerous hours spent checking and re-checking. Therefore the editor will always be pleased to hear from anyone who may have any information which may be incorporated in the next edition of this work.

Jan Kosniowski