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Algerian Flag

Resource Page for Collectors of Algerian Stamps and Algerian Postal History

The earliest known letters from Algeria are from about 1690. The earliest known postal marking are from 1749. The French established a Military Post in Algiers in 1830 but it was not until 1835 that the post was available to the civilian population. In 1830 the European population in Algeria was about 600. By 1881 there were over 320,000 Europeans in Algeria. The postal service was expanded such that by 1880 there were 295 post offices in Algeria,

At the same time as the first stamps were introduced in France these were also made availble in Algeria from 1 January 1849. Algeria was considered as part of Frane and the same type of handstamps were issued in Algeria as in France. The earliest cancellations were a simple grille. In 1852 these were replaced in 1852 by the so called "petit chiffres" (small figures), a diamond shape of dots surrounding a number. Then in 1862 these were replaced by a new system, known as the "grand chiffres" (large figures), new numbers being allocatted to all the post offices. These were in use till about 1876 when the numeral cancellations were replaced by circular date stamps incorporating the name of the post office.

In 1924 French stamps and postal stationery were overprinted "ALGÉRIE". From 1926 till 1958 stamps inscribed "ALGÉRIE" were prined for use in Algeria. From 22 July 1958 till 2 July 1962 French stamps were used in Algeria.

In 1940 following the armistice between France and Germany Algeria continued to be governed by France. The allies first landed in North Africa on 8 November 1942. On 13 March 1943 the adminitration of Algeria came under the new French Committee of National Liberation (Le Comité Français de Libération Nationale).

Fezzan was captured by the Free French Forces of Chad in 1943 and used stamps of Algeria between 1943 and 1946.


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Postage stamps and postal history of Algeria
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List of people on stamps of Algeria
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This is a list of the people who have appeared on the postage stamps of Algeria (excluding overprinted French stamps). René Caillé, Charles Lavigerie and Henri Duveyrier were the first to appear on a set of stamps issued in 1939.

Algeria Newspaper Wrapper used 1890 Oran
French newspaper wrapper used in 1890 from Oran Karguentah

Algeria Newspaper Wrappers
Up until 1924 French newspaper wrappers were used in Algeria. A total of 11 different newspaper wrappers were produced for use in Algeria between 1924 and 1943, four of these were by overprinting French newspaper wrappers and two by surcharging Agerian newspaper wrappers.

Algerian Post Office Numbers 1852 - 1876
In 1852 by the so called "petit chiffres" (small figures), a diamond shape of dots surrounding a number were introduced. Then in 1862 these were replaced by a new system, known as the "grand chiffres" (large figures) and a reallocation of numbers.

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