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Specimen Newspaper Wrappers from Belgium

Belgium Specimen Newspaper Wrapper 5c

  Belgium 5c Newspaper Wrapper Specimen

In November 1877 two values of specimen newspaper wrappers on cream paper were produced. They were produced in 2 sizes 320 x 40mm  and 320 x 60mm.  The 40mm wrappers were printed on sheets of 30 wrappers and the 60mm wrappers were printed on sheets of 20 wrappers. A total of 300 sheets of each size and value were printed.  (I would like to thank Bruno Stes from Belgium for supplying this information)

All the examples I have have been hand cut from the sheets.

In the 1893 Belgian catalogue by J B Moens they are shown as having been issued in 1878.

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Belgique - bande pour journaux neuve surchargée SPECIMEN - 5 centimes Brun - 1 centime vert