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In early 1917 Germany was confident of winning the war and was planning to restore the Polish monarchy, when the war ended, under German rule. So in the early part of 1917 the German Authorities requested the Polish Civil Administration in Warsaw to arrange for a submission of designs, by Polish designers, for a definitive series of stamps for this planned Kingdom of Poland.
Jan Ogorkiewicz Essay 

A competition was organised by the Warsaw Society of Artists for its members with a monetary prize from the German Authorities. One of the conditions of this competition was that the stamps be inscribed "KROLESTWO POLSKIE" (Kingdom of Poland). A total of 32 artists submitted some 148 designs by the closing date of 1st December 1917. Essays of these 148 designs were printed on 35 different sheets in black, brown, green and blue. Thirteen of these designs were chosen and the Warsaw Society of Artists published these, together with the rest of the designs, in a booklet on the 11th January 1918. Some time afterwards the Imperial Printing Works in Berlin engraved all of the designs. The 13 chosen designs were printed in the proposed colours on 5 sheets and all the other designs were printed in black. These stamps were mounted in folders and circulated amongst the various German embassies and legations in existence at the time. With the collapse of the German offensive these designs never went past the proof stage.

The artists include the following: M Bystydzienski , Henyk Oderfeld, Nikodem Romanus,Jozef Tom, Apolonjusz Kedzierski, Ludwik Gardowski, Ludwik Sokolowski, Zygmunt Beniulis, Jan Ogorkiewicz, Edmund John, Edward Trojanowski and  Mieczyslaw Neufeld.


The independence of Poland some nine months later, in November 1918, created an urgent need to produce stamps for the fledgling country. Two of the artists who took part in the 1917 competition, Edward Trojanowski and Edmund Bartlomiejczyk, were asked to modify their designs for use by the newly independent Republic of Poland. So, within a short space of time, by the end of January 1919, these stamps had been printed and issued throughout Poland as the first Polish definitive issue.

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