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Aleksander Stocki : Enigmatic Philatelist
by Roy E Reader and George K Kay
A survey of Stocki’s life, activities and the controversies that arose around him.
book review

Austro-Hungarian Army Post Offices 1914-1918

by Keith Tranmer, self published, 1973, 115pp
book review

Austro-Hungarian Military Post, 1914-1918
by Keith Tranmer, European Philatelic Library, 1958, 16pp

Concentration and Ghetto Camp Mail Systems Under the Nazi Regime
by Henry Kahn, Judaica Historical Philatelic Society, 1966, 34pp
Details the development of internal Ghetto Camp mail and the distribution of Concentration Camp mail during WWII

Dachau Prisoner Correspondence
by Zdislaw Koziarkiewicz, R A Lepley Publisher, 1999, 40pp, ISBN 0970053630
This is a 40 page booklet written by a former Dachau Prisoner. It was written and originally published in Poland in 1977. Zdislaw Koziarkiewicz wrote 111 letters or cards whilst incarcerated in Dachau and he recaps each one including the forms used and the cancellations applied

The Echoes that Remain: A Postal History of the Holocaust
by Henry Schwab, Cardinal Spellman Philatelic Museum, 1992, 185pp
Collection of postcards and letters assembled by the author over a period of some 50 years. Documents and illustrates many facets of this period of history - anti-semitic propaganda, deportation, resettlement, concentration camps etc

Forgery and Reprint Guide: Poland Airmails
by Andrew Hall, J Barfoot  Ltd, 1983, 16pp, ISBN 0906845319
Guide to the identification of forgeries of the 1921 Tabromik & 1925 Airmail

German Occupied Poland
by Alf Harper, self published, 1972, 114pp
Stamps, Postal History, Postmarks, Postal Stationery, Ghetto Post, Exiled  Polish Government Issues, Nazi meter mail which printed the actual stamp while cancelling the cover.

Groszy Overprints. Complete official story of "Groszy" overprints on Polish stamps 1946/50 - Revaluation, October 29, 1950.
by Wladislaw Kolakowski, W Kolakowski Co, 1952, 54pp
Story of the "Groszy" overprints on stamps of 1946/50 following the currency revaluation on 29 October 1950

Handbook on Philatelic Forgeries
by Spying Eye, Maplewood Press, Chicago, 1948, 48pp
Photos and detailed descriptions for Batum, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cape of Good Hope, Czechoslovakia, Danish West Indies, Fiji, France, French Colonies, German Colonies, Greece - Samos, Italy, Poland, Turkey, Turks Islands, Venezuela and White Russia.
by M A  Rayall de Ragan, Polonus Philatelic Society, 77pp zzz
Gives details of all the various issues and printings during the plebiscite period. Background to the plebiscite and the administration of the area. Forerunners, overprints, insurrection issues, German propaganda messages on forged Polish stamps, forgeries etc

History of the Polish Army Postal Service: Middle East and Italy, 1940-1948
by Ryszard Wagner, self published, 1992, 355pp, ISBN 1872286704

Details all the Polish Field Post Office during and just after WWII. Full details of when and where each postmark was used are given together with statistics of usage and cover valuations. An extremely comprehensive handbook of the Polish Army Postal Service, a "must have" for anyone collecting this area of Polish Postal History.

The Kingdom of Poland: Poland No.1 and Associated Postal History
by M A Bojanowicz, published by The Royal Philatelic Society, 1979, 188pp

Krakow Postal History before 1918
by Janusz Adamcyzk, translated by Stanley Kronenberg
Krakow Postal History from the end of the 15th century. Illustratations of the markings and cancellations used including the small rural postal agencies. Registration labels, Flugpost, Wax Seals, Austrian Wisla River Fleet and the Polish Legion mail.

The Mediterranean Mails
edited by F R Stubens, published by the Philatelic Society of Canada, 1993, 89pp

This booklet includes an 11 page article - "Postal Service Between Poland and the Mediterranean" and a 5 page article "Foreign Post Offices in the Ottoman Empire" by Dr. Miet Kamienski 

The Occupation of Russia by the Polish I Corps
by James Mazepa (ed), a Polonus Handbook, 1977, 37pp

Stamps, overprints, cancels, markings, covers, fieldpost stationery, revenues, forgeries

Poland Locals
by A Hall, J Barefoot Ltd, 1981, 124pp

Overprints on German issues, Local overprints on German issues, Local Posts, Overprints on Austrian issues, Local overprints on Austrian issues, Local overprints on Russian & Ukrainian issues

(this book has been updated and republished as "Poland 1918 Locals" in 1999 - see below)

Poland 1918 Locals
by J. Barefoot, J Barefoot Ltd,1999, 92pp, ISBN 0906845556
The locals from about 1915 to about 1919, the stamps, stationery and postmarks with valuations and a forgery guide

Poland No 1
by V Rachmanoff, 1952

Poland Occupied in WW2 and Holocaust 1939-45, Philatelic History
by Edward T Superson, 482pp, 1987

Poland Revenues
J Barefoot, J Barefoot Ltd, 1998, 132pp, ISBN 090684553X

Polish Definitive Issues, 1920-1925: A summary of the recorded papers, perforations and major varieties
by Ron Negus, Kwiatkowski & Crimlisk, 1959, 22pp

Polish Exile Mail in Great Britain, 1939-49
by George K Kay & Ron Negus, J Barefoot Ltd, 1999, 250pp, ISBN 0906845521

Covers the system operated by the Polish Government in Exile in London and it's maritime agencies, Polish and British field post offices and the undercover sending of mail via Portugal and other countries.

Polish Inter-Camp Post in Germany
by M. Perzynski, J C Crimlisk, 25pp, 1958

Polish Special Postmark Catalogue
by John Cambridge Crimlisk & Jerzy Kwiatkowski, pub by authors, 1960

Details & prices of special postmarks
part 1 - 1919-1929
part 2 - 1929-1936
part 3 - 1936-1938
part 4 - Dec 1938 to Nov 1947

Polish Post Seven Years War
by Harold Montague Smith, 1946, 82pp, published by the Bristol Stamp Co. for the Pulaski Philatelic Club, Detroit

A complete record of all stamps, seals, field-posts and labels issued by the Polish postal authorities at home and abroad during the six years' war, from 1939 to 1945.

Polish Postal & Commemorative Service in GB 1941 - 2003
by A J M Tutak, 460pp, published by the Polish Philatelic Society in Great Britain
Illustrated handbook of philatelic material issued by Polish philatelists and Polish organisation.

The Polish Prisoner of War Camp Posts
by "Autolycus" (G Howard Longden OBE), Caldra House Ltd, 1994, 123pp, ISBN 1872286716

Handbook for the specialist of Polish postal history. Details all issues from the four camps: Oflag IIC Woldenberg; Oflag IID Grossborn; Oflag IIE Neubrandenberg; Oflag VIIA Murnau. Full details of all stamps; postal stationery; postcards; cancellations + more.

Polish Prisoner of War Posts
by Stanley J Bykowski (editor), (a compilation of work by M Kulawski, H M Smith & H Zebrowski),1970, 72pp, Polish Philatelic Society

Shows & describes stamp issues, postal markings of Oflag VIIA (Murnau), Oflag IID (Gross Born), Oflag IIC (Woldenberg) and Oflag IIE (Neubrandenburg).

Postal History of the Kingdom of Poland
by Vincent Domanski and Stephen Rich, 90pp

An authoritative and well research study of the period 1815 to 1870. Originally published in the Stamp Specialist in the 1960's. Also covers the Royal and private mail distribution up to the creation of the Duchy of Warsaw in 1815. Gives details of the rarity of both Poland and Russian stamps cancelled with Polish numerical cancels.

Post Office List of Polish Territories administered by Prussia and Germany prior to 1944
by T M Gordon, 1974, 39pp

The Postal History of the Polish Field Post Offices in the Holy Land, 1940-1947
by Jerzy Kucharski, The Society of Israel Philatelists, 1981, 74pp

Postal Place Names in Poland.
or Postal Place Names in Poland: A Philatelic Gazetteer
by George K Kay, 1992, 390pp, ISBN 0951999400 published by G K Kay

Polish Postal Rates 1918 -1939
by Marek Zbierski, 2003, 570pp

This book provides an extensive and almost complete history of Polish Postal rates between 1918 and 1939.

Postal Stationery of the Polish Legion 1914-1917
by Jerzy Kucharski, pub by the Polonus Philatelic Society, 17pp, 1986

Detailed listing of some 150 different items of Postal Stationery issued by the Polish Legion during the First World War.

Przemysl 1914-1915
by Keith Tranmer, 1990, 32pp published by Keith Tranmer

Background story and details of the flights to and from Przemysl during the siege of 1914-15.

The Russian post in the Empire, Turkey, China, and the post in the Kingdom of Poland
by David M Skipton, 1981, 196pp + 17 plates, published by the Russian Philatelic Society "Rossica"

Details of the postal history, stamps, stamped envelopes, cancellations & the railway post for the Kingdom of Poland during the period 1807 to 1917 in Section 4 (pages 156 to 195).  (This is an English translation of the original work by S Prigara originally published in 1941).

Second Polish Provisional Issue (1918)
by J Tislowitz, pub by J Kwiatkowski & J C Crimlisk, 1959, 16pp

The Sieges of Przemysl
by Keith Tranmer

Keith spent 40 years researching this subject. He assembled a very impressive array of covers, photos of pilots and planes, maps and other ephemera. He developed a deep understanding of the key players, senior officers, pilots, observers, quartermasters, drivers etc on the Austrian side during the 2 sieges - it was only the second siege when mail was flown out.

The Scout Field Post in the Warsaw Uprising of 1944
by Thaddeus Gryzewski, 48pp, published by the Polonus Philatelic Society, (reprint of articles from the Polonus Bulletin Jan1960 to Apr 1961) (undated c1962).

The Typographic Overprints of the 1919 Krakow Issues of Poland
by Michael E Melnichak, 1990, 44pp published by Michael E Melnichak
Guide to the plating and authenticating the 1919 Krakow Issue.

To and From Modern Poland: a journey through postal history
by Norman Davies, published by Rosikon Press, ISBN: 9788388848643
The collection of "postal history” - letters, postcards, covers, postmarks and postage stamps – was a long-standing hobby, but it possessed no focus until I realised that my collection might provide the basis for a published album illustrating modern Polish History throughout the postal era.

(Postal History of the Lodz Ghetto)
by Manfred Schulze and Stefan Petriuk
in German with an English and Polish abbreviated version.

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Polish Philatelic Literature for the English speaking collector
by Chris Kulpinski

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