trojanowski 1915

Unlisted Poland 1915 overprint on Austria Feldpost?

 Poland 1915 overprint - Trojanowski


I purchased the above item back in May 2001. The only information that the seller was able to provide was that the overprint was produced in 1915 by an army company whose commander was General Trojanowski.  The only army commander I can find is Mieczysław Ryś-Trojanowski who in 1915 was the commander of the 3rd Foot Regiment in the Polish Legion.

The overprint read 5 Fen / POLSKA / POCZTA which was printed using letterpress.On the reverse of the stamp is an expertisation handstamp "Heintze".

In view of the fact that I cannot find out anything more about this item it leads me to suspect that this item is a forgery.

If anyone has any information I would be interested to find out more.

Jan Kosniowski - email - jpkos @