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King George VI 1942 stamps overprinted in New Currency: issued 1 April 1951

by Germain Mentgen

A very long time ago I had in mind to write an article about 2 of the stamps from the 1 April 1951 overprinted set. Since I found, in the back on my attic, the Sixth Sense issue No 18, I found a new challenge to do it.
Somaliland 1951 5c on 1 anna  
Fig 1 - 5 Cents on One Anna scarlet illustration in Sixth Sense No 18

This copy of the Sixth Sense contained an article about the 1951 5 cents overprint on 1 Anna scarlet (Fig 1) and the following from the Crown Agents Stamp Bulletin No 197 of the 1 June 1949 which stated: “In the case of those values of the Somaliland issues where the same overprint will appear on two different anna or rupee values, only one variety of each of the new values will be on sale at one time.”

I think this is clear enough for the 4 stamps concerned.

5 cents overprinted on the half anna green
5 cents overprinted on one anna scarlet

2 shillings overprinted on two rupees purple
2 shillings overprinted on three rupees bright blue

Checking my collection for First Day Covers of the 1951 set I have to report the following.

Somaliland 1951 FDC overprint set
Fig 2

Somaliland 1951 overprint set FDC
Fig 3

Somaliland 1951 overprint set FDC
Fig 4

3 different FDC’s dated 1 April 1951 (Fig 2, 3, 4) all only bearing the 2 shillings on three rupees bright blue.

Somaliland 1951 overprint  2 shillings on 2 Rs
Fig 5 - 21 April 1951 - earliest known usage of 2 Shillings on 2 Rupees purple

My earliest date for the 2 shillings on two rupees purple is April 21 1951 (Fig 5). Collecting more than 40 years Somaliland Protectorate I have never seen an earlier date for this 2 shillings on two rupees purple stamp.

For the 5 cents overprinted on one anna scarlet I have never seen a used stamp and a mint only illustrated in the Sixth Sense article.

So please check all your stamps for a new earlier date for the 2 shillings on two rupees purple and to all the catalogue editors please update.

Many thanks to Murray Payne for permission to reproduce information and illustration from the Sixth Sense No 18.

© 2015 Germain Mentgen

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