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Territorial evolution of Australia
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The first post office to be opened in what is now Victoria was in Melbourne in April 1837. At the time the area was still a part of New South Wales. By 1850 there were a total of forty-five post offices in operation within the area which was to become Victoria.

On 3 January 1850 the first stamps were issued for Victoria - the "Half Lengths", which were printed by Thomas Ham of Melbourne. They were actually issued eighteen months before Victoria was officially made a colony. The second type of stamp design for Victoria depicted Queen Victoria enthroned. This was a design produced locally in Victoria and it is believed to be based on a portrait of Queen Victoria painted in 1837 by Sir Thomas Hayter.

On 1 July 1851 Victoria was proclaimed as a separate Colony.

The following article appeared in Stamp Collectors' Review on 15 May 1863

Control of the Victoria State post office was passed to the Australian Federal Government on 1 March 1901 and the stamps of each the various states became valid for use in all other states. Stamps inscribed Victoria continued to be issued until the stamps of the Commonwealth of Australia were issued on 2 January 1913.

History of Victoria
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Philatelic Societies for Collectors of Victoria Postage Stamps and Postal History

Australian Philatelic Society (AUSTRALIA)

Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania (AUSTRALIA)
The Society of Australasian Specialists was founded in July 1936 by a small group of collectors interested in Australasian philately. In 1965, the American Society of Australian Philatelists, later to become Oceania, Inc. was established for the same purpose as the older SAS. In 1978, the two Societies consolidated to better serve the members of both organizations. Today, the Society has many members, not only in the United States and Canada, but also in New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, and a few other countries.

Australian Philatelic Federation (AUSTRALIA)

Australian Airmail Society (AUSTRALIA)
Meetings 1st Wednesday of each month 7:45pm at SAPHIL House, 22 Gray Court, Adelaide
Contact address: PO Box 395, Edwardstown, SA 5039

The Postal Stationery Society of Australia

Postal Stationery and Postal History Society of Australia Incorporated (AUSTRALIA)
The society was formed to cater for collectors who are interested in aspects of philately other than the study of postage stamps alone. Its members are interested in postal stationery, postal history and the exploration of the new areas associated with postal stationery and postal history including postmarks, airmails, military mail, cinderellas, literature etc

British Society of Australian Philately (UK)

The Perfin Club of New Zealand and Australia (AUSTRALIA)
The Club was formed in 1987 and currently has about 150 members. Members' interests include the Official and private perfins of Australia and New Zealand.

Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria (AUSTRALIA)
The society was founded in Melbourne in 1892 and it received the "Royal" prefix in 1947

Selected Pages on Victoria Postage Stamps and Postal History

Postage stamps and postal history of Victoria
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Introduction to the Half Length Issues
by Les Molnar
The "Half Lengths" were the first stamps issued by the colony of Victoria. They were designed, engraved and printed entirely within the colony of Victoria, and represent one of the most interesting philatelic studies in the realm of philately.

Plating the 2d Queen-on-Throne
by Les Molnar

The Double-Lined Circle Cancels of Melbourne
by Maurice Mishkel
There are 2 distinct types of the double-lined circle cancels of Melbourne. The emphasis of this paper is on the Type 1.

State of Victoria - early postal cancels illustrated
from - Postage Stamp Chat Board & Stamp Bulletin Board Forum
...a site dedicated to Victoria, which can give some background history, pictures of the post offices where possible, images of the various postmarks, and try to tie each town to a single post. Sort of make it like a reference book which is available to anyone who's interested...

The Perforations Found in Victoria
by Les Molnar

The 1880-83 Line Perforations Gauging 12
by Les Molnar

Private Overprints on Newspaper Wrappers from Victoria Austalia
from Stamp Domain

Willder & Company's Monthly Guide Newspaper Wrapper
by Maurice Mishkel
...newspaper wrapper headed WILLDER & COMPANY’S / MONTHLY GUIDE / ON INVESTMENTS OF THE DAY and it has a printed rose ‘Half Penny’...
Derbin Willder was one of the founders of the Melbourne Stock Exchange.

TPOs of Victoria
by Les Molnar
Most of the mail in the colony of Victoria was transported by rail from town to town. The rail network grew rapidly in the 1860s and 1870s to serve the growing population in the interior of the colony and to support the growing economy in those regions.

The Watermarks Found In Victoria
by Les Molnar

Books and Publications on Victoria Postage Stamps and Postal History

The "Barred Numeral" Cancellations, 1856-1912, and the post offices which used them
by J R W Purves, RPS of Victoria, 1963, 213pp

The Cancellations of Melbourne 1861-1912
by D G Davies, G R Linfield and J R W Purves, Australian States Study Group, Royal Philatelic Society, 1980, 63pp

Century of Happiness: The Centennial History of the Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria
by Chisholm, 1992

The "Emblems" of Victoria 1857-63.
by J R W Purves, RPS of Victoria, 1957, 105pp

Franked! The Official Mail of Victoria 1864-1902
by Carl L Steig and Max B Watson, Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria, 2008, 180pp, ISBN 9780947345204

The Half-Lengths of Victoria
by James Richard William Purves, 1953, 216pp + booklet of plates.
(This book was printed in a limited edition of 120 copies)

The Half Lengths of Victoria
by J H Barwis FRPSL and R W Moreton FRPSL, Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria, Melbourne, 2009

Instructional and Informative Markings of Victoria, 1852-1913
by A G Rigo De Righi, 18pp, 1983, ISBN 0853973547

The Numeral Cancellations of Victoria
by Hugh H Freeman and Geoff T White, The Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria, 2001, 420pp
This work extends the previous volume devoted to this subject, Barred Numerals of Victoria, by J.R.W. Purves published in 1963 and now long out of print.

The Philatelic Society of Victoria, 1892-1926
by A.J.Derrick, 1926, Philatelic Society of Victoria, 94pp
A history of the Society from 1892-1926

The Post Offices and Handheld Datestamps of Victoria Vol 1 A-B
by Gary Watson, John Webster & David Wood, 1989
The Post Offices and Handheld Datestamps of Victoria Vol 2 C-G
by Gary Watson, John Webster & David Wood, 1992
Lists all known datestamps, including paids, money order, telegraph, postmaster etc. Early and late dates are recorded as is the use of colour inks.

The Postal History of the Port Phillip District 1837-1851
by J R W Purves, Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria, 1950, 68pp

Postmarks and Postal History of Warrnambool and District
by W H Ewers

A Reference List of the Adhesive Stamps of Victoria available for payment of postal dues
by R B Yardley, London Philatelist, 1921, 72pp

The Stamps of Victoria
by Geoff Kellow, B&K Publishing, 1990, 386pp

A Subject Index for Victorian Philately
by Geoff Kellow, Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria, 1988

VG: Victorian Government Punctures
by Bryan Toop, self-published, 3rd edition, 1984, 34pp, ISBN 0959106006
VG: Victorian Government Punctures
by Neale Scott and Bryan Toop, self-published, 5th edition, 1993, 54pp, ISBN 0646159119

Victoria, 1901-12 issue, the 1½d, 2d and 2½d values
by J R W Purves, Hawthorn Press, 1954, 29pp

Victoria, 1901-12 issue, the 3d, 4d, and 5d values
by J R W Purves, Hawthorn Press, c1960, 42pp

Victoria: 1901-12 issue: The 6d, 9d and 2/- values
by J R W Purves, pub Hawthorn Press, c1965, 36pp

The 5/-, 1867-1901 & the 1/-, 5/-, £1, £2, 1901-1912
by J R W Purves, Hawthorn Press, 1979, 76pp

Victoria, the "Butterfly" postmarks: The problem of their allocation to the post offices using them
by J R W Purves, Royal Philatelic Society, 1949, 16pp

Victoria: A Collection of Philatelic Short Stories
by Les Molnar, 2012, 200pp

Victoria. The Half-Length Portraits and the Twopence Queen Enthroned
by Charles Lathrop Pack, Collectors Club, 1923, 273pp

Victoria, the Postage Dues
by J R W Purves, RPS of Victoria, 1960, 70pp

Victoria Postal Stationery, 1869-1917
by Carl L Stieg, Triad Publications, 2001, 219pp

Victoria, the "Registered" and "Too Late" Stamps 1854-58
by J R W Purves, RPS of Victoria, 1966, 80pp

Victoria, the Second Type of Obliteration: The "Barred Oval" 1851-56
by J R W Purves, RPSL, 1949, 11pp

Victoria: A short study of the Two Pence Queen Enthroned engraved and lithographed, 1852-1857
by Charles A Stephenson, Stamp Collecting, 1923, 26pp

Victoria: the Travelling Post Offices and their Markings, 1865-1912
by J R W Purves, Hawthorn Press, 1955, 55pp

Victoria, the Travelling Post Offices and their Markings, 1865-1912
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Victoria, the V over Crown Watermarks: Types, Suppliers, Varieties, 1867-1905, 1912
by J R W Purves, Hawthorn Press, 1964, 31pp

James Richard William Purves

J R W Purves, (5 March 1903 - 13 May 1979), as can be seen from the above list, wrote extensively on the subject of postage stamps and the postal history of Victoria.

A biography of J R W Purves from the Australian Directory of Biography

Wikipedia entry for J R W Purves