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Hong Kong Prisoner of War post

Hong Kong - Prisoner of War Camp Mail 1942-1945

Hong Kong surrendered to Japan on 25 December 1941 after 18 days of fierce fighting between British and Canadian forces against Japanese Imperial forces

Sub Lieut Roger Lamble HKRNVR, was taken a Prisoner of War in Hong Kong in 1941.

While he was in captivity, during the period 1942-1945, letters were sent to him by his family to North Point Camp. In total there were 37 letters. Most of the covers contain the original correspondence. Because of censorship rules letters had to be kept short and were confined to information about family and friends. A selection of the covers is shown below.

Hong Kong POW
This was the very first letter to be sent to Roger Lamble on the 29 June 1942. It was posted in Darjeeling in India. It was sent by his mother, E. Lamble, on the same day that she found out that she could write to him and where. She also sent telegrams to her family in England. In this letter she writes "I have just read in the paper that we may write to you..." The letter eventually reached Roger in November 1944

The letter enclosed in this cover is signed by Auntie Fay. It was posted on 2 July 1942 and has been endorsed by Roger as having been received in June 1944. Letter was posted in Newcastle upon Tyne.

This letter was written and posted in North Shields on 3 July 1942 by Roger's grandfather, Elias.

Letter from Roger's grandmother, dated 02.07.1942, and posted 03.07.1942 in North Shields. In her letter she writes "how glad we were when the letter came yesterday morning telling us we could write." This letter did not arrive till December 1944.

Letter from Roger's brother, Mike, who was in his last two days at school at the time and was due to go to military college. It written and posted on 06.07.1942 in Darjeeling. Roger received the letter on 20 Aug 1943.

Letter from Roger's mother, written on 07.07.1942 and posted 0n 08.07.1942 in Darjeeling. The letter took till December 1944 to arrive at its destination.

Letter from Roger's brother, Barry, Barry was the youngest and was in the "upper fourth" at the time. The letter was written on 20.07.1942 and posted on 22.07.1942 in Darjeeling. Roger received the letter on 06 April 1943.

Letter from Roger's mother written on 24.07.1942 and posted on 25.07.1942 in Calcutta. The letter reached Roger on 8 April 1943.

This is the first 8 of the 39 covers When time permits I will add some more.