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Newspaper Wrappers

Russian Post Offices in China, used in Hankow
Newspaper wrapper, Russia 2k green overprinted Kitaj in red, with additional franking 2 x 1k orange with blue overprint Kitaj; Russian Post Offices in China, postmaked Khan'kou (Hankow) on 30.08.1906.

Charles Knight is considered to be the first person to propose the use of newspaper wrappers. The proposal was made by him in 1834 in a letter to Lord Althorp, Chancellor of the Exchequer. The matter was mentioned during a debate in the House of Commons on 22 May 1834.  Matthew Davenport Hill MP, brother of Sir Rowland Hill, was advocating a payment of a penny for a newspaper sent by post and stated: " put an end to any objections that might be made as to the difficulty of collecting the money, he would adopt the suggestion of a person well qualified to give an opinion on the subject (he alluded to Mr Knight, the publisher). That gentleman recommended that a stamped wrapper should be prepared for such newspapers as it was desired to send by post, and that each wrapper should be sold at the rate of 1d by the distributors of stamps..." [Hansard Report, 22 May 1834]

Newspaper Wrappers are perhaps the least popular of philatelic items amongst collectors. At one time there was a practice of collecting a cut out of the imprinted stamp from the newspaper wrapper. This practice has now fallen out of favour and newspaper wrappers are now collected intact. Because of this past practice there are many newspaper wrappers which are now rare as complete wrappers and some wrappers are rare even as cut outs.

Except in instances of where the wrapper or variety is rare, newspaper wrappers should always be collected in an undamaged intact condition. Used items will invariably be folded and sealed. Unused wrapper have in most instances been folded, when buying mint items check that the fold has not damaged the wrapper. An unfolded wrapper will always command a higher price when being sold (if you can get one!).

Just like stamps there are many varieties to be found amongst wrappers, some of these have never been listed. Wrapper come with different  watermarks, different shades, there are error in printing of various kind, proofs and specimens.

The Higgins & Gage World Postal Stationery Catalog, which was last published in the 1970's is the only single source listing newspaper wrappers issued by postal authorities. Prices in this catalogue are very much outdated. There are a number specialised single country catalogues which list newspaper wrappers. These are from the more popular countries. Many countries have no current listing in any catalogue.

I have now almost completed the process of compiling a world wide catalogue of postal stationery "Newspaper Wrappers" showing a colour illustration of all wrappers. The catalogue will have about 700 pages in total and it is expected to be published  late 2013.

Front Cover of Newspaper Wrappers



The Postal Stationery Society (UK)
SECRETARY: Colin Baker, 4 Greenhill Gardens, Sutton Veny, Warminster, Wilts BA12 7AY

United Postal Stationery Society (USA)
UPSS Central Office, PO Box 1792, Norfolk, VA 23501

The Postal Stationery Society of Australia (Australia)
SECRETARY: PO Box 16, Ulmarra NSW 2462


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Please let me know of any other relevant webpages you may know about which are not listed here, so I may include them.

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