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Bermuda 1950 Provisional Newspaper Wrappers

Provisional Issue, oval frank in black or violet “BERMUDA / ¼d / POSTAGE PAID” to make up the rate to ½d  
and ¾d to make up the rate to 1d, on ¼d brown KGVI newspaper wrappers

Does anyone have any more information on these wrappers or on Commander E D Bowie?

On 1 Dec 1950 the inland newspaper rate was increased from ¼d to ½d per 2 ounces and the overseas newspaper rate was increased to 1d per 2 ounces. Wrappers with this oval frank were only supplied to the two daily newspapers on Bermuda - “The Royal Gazette” and “The Mid-Ocean News”. However many wrappers managed to get into private hands and be cancelled by favour. These CTOs are known with the following postmarks - Bailey Bridge, Crawl, Devonshire South, Flatts, Hamilton, Harrington Sound, Ireland Island, Mansgrove Bay, Paget, St Georges, Somerset Bridge, Southampton and Warwick.

The majority of the known wrappers are addressed to Bowie and place name. The person believed to be responsible for producing these wrappers was Commander E D Bowie of St George's, Bermuda. Bowie was a stamp dealer from the late 1940s to the 1960s. He traveled extensively in and around the Caribbean to acquire stamps for his clients.

Bermuda Baileys Bay
Bailey's Bay

Bermuda Newspaper Wrapper 1951 - Crawl

Bermuda Newspaper Wrapper 1951 - Devonshire South
Devonshire South

Bermuda Newspaper Wrapper 1951 - Flatts

Bermuda Newspaper Wrapper 1951 - Hamilton

Bermuda Newspaper Wrapper 1951 - Harrington Sound
Harrington Sound

Bermuda Newspaper Wrapper 1951 - Ireland Island
Ireland Island
Bermuda Newspaper Wrapper 1951 - Mangrove Bay
Mangrove Bay

Bermuda Newspaper Wrapper 1951 - Paget

Bermuda Newspaper Wrapper 1951 - Somerset Bridge
Somerset Bridge

Bermuda Newspaper Wrapper 1951 - Southampton

Bermuda Newspaper Wrapper 1951 - St Georges
St Georges

Bermuda Newspaper Wrapper 1951 - Warwick

Bermuda ¼d handstamp large  Bermuda ¼d handstamp small
Large - 1 points to R                                                                 Small - 1 points to space between R & M

There are two different settings of  the ¼d handstamp.  In the above examples  the one from Mangrove Bay is different fom the rest. The figure 1 of ¼ points to the centre of R, in all the rest the 1 points to the space between R and M; as shown in the enlarged copies.

Bermuda Harrington Sound ¾d handstamp

Similar items with a ¾d handstamp exist with all the above mentioned postmarks.

All these items exist with violet and black handstamps.