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Postal History
Examples of Breslau postmarks 1800-1872

TPO Cancels from Wroclaw / Breslau

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  Earliest known 29 04.1823

Earliest known 23.03.1837, Latest 11.06.1839

(unable to date copies c1840)

Earliest known 18.04.1845, Latest known 12.03.1852

Earliest known 15.12.1852, Latest known 19.01.1863

Earliest known 01.08.1856, Latest known 25.10.1858

Earliest Known 11.12.1856, Latest known 03.07.1862

Earliest known 30.06.1858

Earliest known 02.11.1863, Latest known 20.03.1872

Earliest known 20.08.1866, Latest known 05.05.1871

Earliest known 03.07.1867 (Oberschles Bahnhof )

All these dates are based on the limited samples I have seen to date.

Most of the items used for illustrating this page are or will be available for sale by internet auction on delcampe.net (see below)

Jan Kosniowski 2008