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Numerous different TPO cancels exists for the many different direction from Breslau railway station

1875 TPO cancel Breslau Posen

1902 TPO Breslau Stettin
1902 TPO cancel Breslau Stettin

1905 TPO cancel Breslau Gnadenfrei, now Piława Górna (on a postcard to Chiclayo in Peru)

1915 TPO cancel Breslau Gorlitz

Breslau TPO Breslau Mittelwalda
1918 TPO cancel Breslau Mittelwalda

1921 TPO cancel Breslau Myslowitz on Upper Silesia postcard to Berlin

1928 TPO cancel Breslau Charlottenbrunn

Breslau Beuthen TPO cancel 1939
1939 TPO cancel Breslau Beuthen (on reverse of a registered cover from Bucurest in Romania to Dresden in Germany)

1945 TPO cancel Breslau Litzmannstadt, now Lodz, on a Feldpost postcard

Other known Breslau TPO cancels are
Breslau Strubel
Breslau Oswiecim
Breslau Dittb.-Kohlfurt Zug 132
Breslau Rudowa Zug 1049

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