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The town of Abu Dhabi was first settled in 1761 and came to prominence when oil was discover off Das Island in 1958. In 1953 an oil concession was granted to Abu Dhabi Marine Areas Limited covering Abu Dhabi's territorial water. Much of the work of surveying the area was done by Commander Cousteau and his team of divers operating from his ship Calypso. They identified the possibility of oil in the Umm Shaif structure near Das Island. Building work commenced in May 1956 to construct a base on Das Island. This included a runway, helicopter hanger, a harbour, a power plant and a sea water distillation plant.

Abu Dhabi 1966 new currency 1 dinar on 5 rupee

No postal sytem existed in Abu Dhabi at this time so mail was sent via the British Postal Agency in Bahrain. Stamps of the British POs in Eastern Arabia were made available, by the oil company (Abu Dhabi Marine Areas), on Das Island from December 1960. All the post from this period was taken to Bahrain, by the charter planes which were bringing in supplies to the island. The mail was postmarked Bahrain.

A British Postal Agency post office was opened in Abu Dhabi on 30 March 1963. The mail from Das Island continued to be sent to Bahrain but was now postmarked "DAS ISLAND ABU DHABI TRUCIAL STATES" (commencing on 30 March 1963). A cachet was officially applied on all "First Day Mail". It is believed that there were no more than 200 such covers from Das Island.

The post office on Das Island itself was opened on 6 January 1966 and it was administered as an agency by the oil company (ADMA). Stamps from this period can only be recognized by the postmark "Das Island" or "Abu Dhabi"

Definitive stamps for Abu Dhabi, produced by the British Postal Agency, were issued from 30 March 1964. Stamps of the British Postal Agency were also valid and are known used as late as July 1966.

The shaikhdom of Abu Dhabi took over the running of both post offices on 1 January 1967 and commenced to issue its own stamps.

On 18 July 1971, seven of the Gulf sheikdoms, including Abu Dhabi, agreed to form the United Arab Emirates with effect from 1 August 1972. Abu Dhabi is now a part of and the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

Stamps of Abu Dhabi were superseded by those of the United Arab Emirates on 1 January 1973.

Philatelic Societies for Collectors of Stamps from Abu Dhabi & British POs in Eastern Arabia

GB Overprint Society (UK)
The GB Overprints Society (GBOS) helps members and collectors to explore the many ways and reasons why British stamps and other postal material have been overprinted, whether it is for use outside the UK or for special functions within the UK. This opens up a wide variety of avenues, which will interest not only GB collectors who want to find out other uses of their favourite stamps, but also collectors of particular countries or themes.

Emirates Philatelic Association
The Emirates Philatelic Association (EPA) was established on June 24, 1996. The EPA now has 215 subscribing members, many of whom are at an advanced enough level to participate in international shows.

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Books on Abu Dhabi Stamps and Abu Dhabi Postal History

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Articles in Magazine and Journals

April 1966 issue of Gibbons Stamp Monthly pp 130-131
Descant upon Das
by 'Nomad'
Details of the background history of Abu Dhabi, exploration for oil, arrangemnets for mail from Das Island.

September 1967 issue of Gibbons Stamp Monthly pp 5-8
Abu Dhabi Argosy
by 'Nomad'
Little bit more about the history of Abu Dhabi, the postmarks, stamps, registration labels. The Postal Superintendent in Bahrain was H W Wynn from whom the author obtained much of the information. H W Wynn was appointed Director of Posts in Abu Dhabi when the British Postal Agency closed at the end of 1966.