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Aden stamps, Aden, Aden stamp images, Aden resource page Aden was captured and annexed to British India on 16 January 1839 by a combined miltary and naval force. A post office was opened under an Indian administrator in 1839 and mail is known used from 15 June 1839. In 1839 the population was less than 1,000 and by 1901 it had grown to some 44,000. Sub post offices were opened at Sheikh Othman (1891); Krormaksar (1892); Dthali (1903-7); and Maalla (1924).

From 1 October 1854 till 31 March 1937 stamps of India were used in Aden

Most Indian stamps from the 1854 issue up to the 1935 issue can be found with Aden postmarks. These can be recognized by the word ADEN appearing in the postmark or from the numerals 124, 125 or B-22 which were used on their own or in a duplex with an ADEN datestamp.

Stamps from Ceylon, Mauritius, New South Wales, British East Africa, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Egypt, Seychelles and others countries are known with Aden postmarks. They exist because Aden was one of the main junctions of shipping lines. Letters posted directly aboard vessels were cancelled in Aden to correct the omission of the cancellation at their points of origin.

Stamps of Great Britain cancelled in Aden come from another source. They represent telegrams sent from Great Britain to the Suez, which was the terminus of the telegram service until 1870. Before then, the telegrams for points further east were sent by sea mail from Suez with British adhesives attached for postage and cancelled in Aden or Suez.

On 1 April 1937 Aden was made a Crown Colony and issued its own stamps till 31 March 1965.

In 1965 Aden was incorporated in the South Arabian Federation.

In 1967 the South Arabian Federation became fully independant and became the Yemen People's Democratic Republic.

Philatelic Societies for Collectors of Aden Stamps and Aden History

Aden-Somaliland-Yemen Study Group

Emirates Philatelic Association
The Emirates Philatelic Association (EPA) was established on June 24, 1996. The EPA now has 215 subscribing members, many of whom are at an advanced enough level to participate in international shows.

Selected pages on Aden Stamps and Aden Postal History

Aden 10 rupee stamp Postage stamps and postal history of Aden
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The First Stamps used in Aden
by Peter Pickering
In April 1854 the Government of Bombay received from Calcutta a letter stating that 3,000 sheets of ½ Anna stamps had been printed.... Bombay did its sums and then informed the Political Agent at Aden, that Aden’s allocation for one month was 2,567 stamps.

Mail Packets 1857-1906
by Peter Pickering
In 1857 it must have been frustrating for ‘expats’ living in Aden to realise that they could have been getting many of their letters from the UK much more quickly than was the case. Post Office regulations stated that mail for Aden had to go via the India Mail packets ; some senders were putting ‘via Australian Mail’ on the envelope and these letters were being held back to go with the next India Mail – in spite of the fact that the Australian mail packets called at Aden.

Perim Post
by Peter Pickering
This article is a summary of the Perim Post from 1857-1936. At various stages in these 79 years the post was carried either overland, or by sea or from 1928 by air. From 1871 onwards two of these methods were often available at any given time.

Aden Stamps and Postal Stationery: 1937 to 1952
by Andrew Gondocz

Aden Stamps and Postal Stationery: 1953 to 1965
by Andrew Gondocz

British Commonwealth Postmarks - ADEN
by Robert S Cragg

Indian Newspaper Wrapper used in Aden
by Jerone Hart

Illustrations of the Cancellations on Stamps of India used in Aden 1855-1937
by Robert J B Wilson
The first Aden post office opened in the Crater in 1839. In 1858 the main Aden post office was moved to Steamer Point while the Crater office became the Aden Cantonment or Aden Camp sub-office.

Notes on the postmarks and postal history of Aden in the classic period 1840-1900.
Compiled by Liane and Sergio Sismondo
A Checklist of Postmarks and Postage Stamps used at Aden during the 19th Century. In addition to India stamps from Ceylon, GB, Mauritius, New South Wales, British East Africa, Ethiopia, Zanzibar, Egypt, Seychelles, Somaliland, Italy, Italian Colonies, France and Turkey are found with Aden cancellations. Aden PAQUEBOT cancellations are found on stamps of virtually every nation of the world and including very recent dates.

Specimen Stamps of Aden
by Robert Buxton
Website devoted to the UPU Specimen stamps of the Commonwealth

Victorian Postal Stationery of India Used in Aden
by Jerone Hart
Shown are the various types of Victorian postal stationery that are known used from Aden from the late 19th to the early 20th century - postcards, envelopes, newspaper wrappers. Included are some rare and unusual usage.

Articles, Books and Other Reference Materials
Compiled by Andrew Gondocz

Philatelic Books on Aden Stamps and Aden Postal History

Aden: The Mythical Port of Yemen
by Jose-Marie Bel, Amyris Maisonneuve & Larose, 1998, 127pp, ISBN 2706813601

Aden Postal Markings 1839-1939
by A L Hine-Haycock, Hadden Best & Co, 1939, 19pp

Aden Postal History and Postage Stamps, 1839-1937
by Murray A. M Graham, Robson Lowe, 1975

The Postal History of Aden and Somaliland Protectorate
by Edward B Proud, Proud-Bailey Co Ltd, 2005, 360pp, ISBN 1872465412

Postal History of British Aden, 1839-1967
by Major R W Pratt, edited by E B Proud, Proud-Bailey Co Ltd, 1985, 274 pp, ISBN 1872465005

The Postmarks of Aden, Postal Markings 1839-1939
by M W Robertshaw, published by H Garratt-Adams & Co, 1946, 23pp
This brochure amends and brings up to date the earlier study on Aden Postmarks by M H Robertshaw and A L Hine-Haycock. The whole period since the first occupation of Aden by the British is covered, and the profusion of clear illustrations makes the work an invaluable one for the postmark enthusiast.

Perim: Outpost of Aden
by Charles Hornal, The Philatelist and Postal Historian, 1955, 8pp
With illustrated covers and markings. Useful monograph on the general history and postal history of the island of Perim which lies 100 miles west of Aden near the southern entrance of the Red Sea.