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Afghanistan 1871 1 rupeeStamps and postal history of Afghanistan
An very extensive site dedicated to Afghan stamps and postal history
by Robert Jack
Postage stamps and postal history of Afghanistan
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Stamps of Distiction Afghanistan
The first postage stamp of Afghanistan (identified as the Kingdom of Kabul) was issued in 1871. The stamp design showed a lion's head as the central emblem. The lion's head was symbolic of the reigning emir; "Sher" means "lion" in Dari, the language spoken in Afghanistan. Early translators and stamp catalogues mistakenly interpreted the word "Sher" as "tiger" by translating from Hindi...
by Tony Servies

The 19th Century Cancellations on the Postage Stamps of Afghanistan
by Capt U A G Isani Imtiaz Rizvi, Pakistan Philatelic Club

Illegal Postage Stamps Issues - Afghanistan
During the period 1989 to 2001 no postage stamps were issued by Afghanistan, but numerous bogus issues appeared on the market. Details of some of these can be found on this page.
Site maintained by Victor Manta, Switzerland


from the February 1930 issue page 97
"Thanks to the courtesy of Mr F H Zahid we are kept au courant with Afghan affairs. We now learn that the stamps of the unfortunate Habibullah, which were forecast in these columns in September, were all destroyed by the followers of Nadir Khan when the citadel in Kabul fell on October 13/14 last. As supplies of the previous issues were running low, correspondance to India arrived about the end of October unstamped, postage being paid at the India end. However, this shortage should now be at an end as the new king, Nadir Khan, has had a fresh issue printed in the same designs as the 1927-28 types, but with colours changed and the addition of three high values, viz. 5,10 and 25 Afghani."

from the February 1931 issue page 102
"Mr  F H Zahid states that since the revolution, with its accompanying looting, has left the majority of the post offices without cancellation stamps, mail is penmarked with Afghan characters, and then postmarked with Indian date-stamp when the frontier is reached."

from the April 1932 issue page 148
"An interesting point with regard to the monument on the design of the large 20 puls commemorative stamp of 1931 (SG 214) is brought to our notice by Col F Molesworth, who tells us that the event it is intended to celebrate (the capture of Thal by Nadir Khan’s forces in the Afghan War of 1919) never occurred. Nadir Khan only besieged the town and was driven off in ignominious rout by a relieving force led by the late Brig-Gen Dyer. Our informant continues, that in every engagement with the Afghan regular troops during this war, the Afghans were thoroughly beaten, a statement which leads us to believe that the stamp is merely a piece of anti-British propaganda."


Afghanistan, Its Twentieth Century Postal Issues
by Frank E Patterson, Collectors Club Handbook No 18, 1964, 208pp, 1st edition
Afghanistan, Its Twentieth Century Postal Issues
3rd edition, December 1965, ISBN 0912574186

The postage stamps of Afghanistan
by David P Masson and B Gordon Jones, 1908
Covers the Sher Ali series of 1870-1878, Abdur Rahman series of the 1880's, Rectangular Issues of 1907-08.
This book was later privately reprinted by a collector frustrated by the scarcity of the original work.

The Afghan Campaign 1841-43 The Letters Of Captain William Riddell
by Peter Collins, 1973, Robson Lowe, 28pp
An analysis of the 148 letters in Captain Riddell's correspondence, much history and postal history.

Afghanistan 1840-1996 postal history handbook
by John M Wilkins, 2000, The Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria, 96pp

Afghanistan 1840-2002 postal history handbook
by John M Wilkins, 2002, The Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria, 108pp spiralbound, ISBN 0958028508
A revision of '1840-1996' Edition

Afghanistan. Postal History of the Second Afghan war, 1878-1881, together with The Boundary Commission, 1885, and general notes
by Adrian Edmund Hopkins, 1961

Afghanistan Revisited: Philatelic Stationery, Revenues and Forgeries - 1871-2004
by Richard Divall and John M Wilkins, 2005, Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria Incorporated, 124pp, ISBN 0947345191
This was a limited edition of 100 copies

Annotated Bibliography on Afghan stamps
by Cecil H Uyehara, self published, 1974

Post Offices of the Second Afghan war 1878-1881: With a general account of the Postal History of Afghanistan
by Adrian Edmund Hopkins, Postal History Society, 1965

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