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The island was under the protection of Great Britain from 1888 and
stamps of Cook Islands were used from 1892 till 1903.

From 11 June 1901 it was a New Zealand Dependency.
from 1903 till 1932 stamps of New Zealand and Cook Islands were overprinted for use on Aitutaki

On 15 March 1932 stamps of Cook Islands superseded those of Aitutaki.

Seperate issues for Aitutaki were issued from 9 August 1972, whilst remaining part of the Cook Islands has its own postal service. Although Aitutaki is part of the Cook Islands and the stamps can be purchased in the Cook Island Post Office they can only be used from Aitutaki.

New Issues of Aitutaki stamps
Aitutaki does not have a website at the time of writing
their address is
Aitutaki Post Office
Cook Islands

It is also possible to obtain new issues from the Cook Island Post Office,
they also do not appear to have a website currently
Philatelic Bureau 
Post Office 
Cook Islands 

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