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 Western Australia Frank Stamps

A selection  of Frank Stamps from Western Australia

Certifying Stamp Type 1 Rectangular, single line frame, undated, 32 mm x25½ mm.
Perth Duplex Type DxG-1, dated 24 Sep 1900 (period of use 26-10-97 to 05-02-01)
Letter addressed to the Colonial Postmaster, Suva, Fiji. Arrival datestamp Suva 11 Oct 1900.

The Chief Accountant of the G.P.O. seems to have had a series of Certifying Stamps only. A Circular  Free Frank for the depatment has yet to be discovered. At least three different Certifying Stamps are known, two of these being rectangular,  a shape not seen for any other department. Mail from this department was classified as Inter-administration Mail tansmitted free under UPU Convention therefore does not qualify for a Frank. The GPO Accountant during this period was William Kennedy, born 18 September 1871 in Perth, who apparently never initialled mail.


Departmental Certifying Stamp only, 44mm x 27½ mm, datestamp 21 Nov 1896.
Perth Duplex DxE-1 GPO/P, datestamp 23 Nov 1896, (period of use 08.06.96 to 11-12-96)

The November 1899 Guide (and all subsequent editions to July 1910, the last published) promulgated a new set of instructions:- "Official letters addressed elsewhere in Western Australia must bear either  the Departmental Frank Stamp, or the Ordinary Branch Stamp of the department by which posted; those addressed to the Australian Colonies, the United Kingdom and Colonies, must bear the Departmental Frank Stamp. Those addressed elsewhere must bear postage stamps." This was not always observed. Dr Thomas Henry Lovegrove was Principal Medical Officer, Perth in 1896. The letter is addressed to Henry Calvert Barnett, Medical Superintendent of Freemantle Lunatic Asylum.

Standard 34 mm Frank, Ornate Cross between upper and lower inscriptions.
Perth Duplex DxL2-2, dated 30 Jan 1895, (period of use 08-11-93 to 30-01-95)

After detachments of the Foot Regiments of the British Army ceased to be stationed in Western Australia, a form of Militia, some of which were mounted, came into existance to protect the settlers. The above Frank is uncommon, as the Military Office was at all times was a small one. In 1900 a Captain Hugh Hunt was the O.C., indicating a very small garrison.

Non Standard 42 mm Frank, Type 1, circles between upper and lower inscriptions.
Perth Duplex DxF-2 GPO/D, datestamp 15 May 1902, (period of use 17-07-97 to 20-11-03)
Canning Type cds 3b, datestamp 15 May 1902, (period of use 03-02-98 to 15-05-02), (One of three known strikes). Canning was renamed Cannington in 1898.

The Electoral Frank Stamp is one of only two Metal Franks printed on envelopes, the other being the Education Department. The Frank stamp incorporates the initials of R P G Daly who was appointed Inspector of the Parlimentary Rolls in 1897 and remained in office until at least 1905.

LAND TITLES OFFICE - a pre Frank envelope 07.10.1892