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The Society for Czechoslovak Philately (SCP) is an international organization founded in 1939 which is devoted to the collecting, study of, education, and publicizing all aspects of philately represented by geographic areas of the former Czechoslovakia.

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Selected Pages on Czechoslovakia Stamps and Postal History

Peters page of Czechoslovakian stamps
by Peter Hoffmann

Basic Types of Czech Postmarks Since 1900
by Petr Gebauer

Basic Postal Rates Since 1900
by Petr Gebauer

Czech Postal History Resources
by Petr Gebauer

Sudetenland 1938 - 1945
by Knud-Erik Andersen

Czech/Slovak Stamp Resources
Gerhard G. Batz

Field Post on Czech Territory
by Petr Gebauer

The German Bohemia Province
by Lubor Kunc
The German Bohemia Province (in German called Provinz Deutschböhmen) was located in part of Northern and Western Bohemia near the German borders. The most important places belonging to the Province were: Liberec (Reichenberg) , Ústí/Labem (Aussig) , Teplice (Teplitz-Schönau) , Duchcov (Dux) , Cheb (Eger) , Mariánské Lázne (Marienbad) , Karlovy Vary (Karlsbad) , Jablonec/Nisou (Gablonz a.d. Neisse) , Litomerice (Leitmeritz) , Most (Brüx) , Žatec (Saaz) . The existence of The German Bohemia Province lasted only 3 months from Oct. 27 to Dec. 27, 1918.

The ex-President died on September 14, 1937. Immediately after his death it was decided to issue stamps in his honour.

Wars, field post offices and Czechoslovaks 1878 - 1921
by Lubor Kunc

Forgery or An Amazing Find?
Mark Wilson
Story of some Hradčany gutter pairs used as provisional postage due stamps.

The Náchod Discovery: Unique Hradčany Gutters Marked for Provisional Postage-Due Use
by Mark Wilson & Johan Sevenhuijsen

The Nachod Gutters Redux!!
by Mark Wilson

The Lost Nachod Gutters Recovered
by Mark Wilson
The two Nachod gutters stolen in September of 2003 surfaced at a flea market and were returned after they came to the attention of a well-known Prague dealer in February 2011.

Czechoslovakia and The Czech Republic - A Postage Stamp Library 1918-2011
by Mark Wilson

The Typographic Stamps of Czechoslovakia
by  Mark Wilson
Resource containing about 10,000 images of the typographic stamps of Czechoslovakia.

Can anyone identify what this is?

Czechoslovakia pstal stationery card

please email jpkos@

On 26 Nov 2002 AGZ from San Fransciso emailed

Looks like a Hungarian postmark. Cancels an Austrian PC surcharged for use in Bohemia. Covers are known with Hungarian and Czecho stamps in combination used from Hungarian P.O.'s. (I don't know much more than this. I'm new to this area of collecting!)



On 01 Aug 2011 Alan Soble emailed
The post card is a beauty, but one must be careful. As far as I can tell, the card was used in the Czech-German part of the new country, not in the Slovakian part (which is consistent with what I wrote in Part 6 of my long essay about the overprinted cards).***   It does bear a Hungarian postmark, but that is a receiving strike, not an outbound strike. The outbound strike is largely illegible, but the pattern it has suggests that is a left-over bilingual German-Czech cancel. My take on this card is a bit more precise than the comment left by "AGZ" back in 2002.
Thank you.
Alan Soble
*** “Obliterations and Their Absence [Part VI]: Final Words, with Special Reference to ‘The Slovakia Question',” The News of Hungarian Philately 42:2 (April-June, 2011), pp. 14-37


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Since 1981 the Society has issued a series of Monographs on various aspects of Czechoslovak philately.