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Philatelic Societies for Collectors of GB Stamps and GB Postal History

British Stamps - GB 1d 1840 Penny Black The Great Britain Philatelic Society (UK)
The GBPS was founded in 1955 by a small but enthusiastic group of collectors in order to promote, encourage, and contribute to the advancement of the philately of Great Britain. Since then it has grown steadily, and now has more than 700 members in the UK and abroad.

Great Britain Collectors Club (USA)
The Great Britain Collectors Club (GBCC) brings together collectors of Great Britain stamps and related items. It offers something for everyone, regardless of level of experience or years of collecting.

The Association of Great Britain FDC Collectors (UK)
British Stamps - 2d blue The Association of Great Britain First Day Cover Collectors (GBFDC) was formed by collectors in 1994, to promote GB First Day Cover Collecting.

Machin Collectors Club (UK)
The idea of the Machin Collectors Club was born in the mind of its administrator, Melvyn Philpott in 1971 when he became interested in Machin cylinder blocks. However it was not actually launched until July 1995 from where it has since attracted over 2000 members worldwide.

Modern British Philatelic Circle (UK)
British Stamps - 1d red maltese cross MBPC was inaugurated on 1 January 2006. It came about as the result of a merger between two eminent specialist societies, the Great Britain Decimal Stamp Book Study Circle (GB DSB SC) and the British Decimal Stamps Study Circle (BDSSC).
GB DSB SC was founded in 1971 and, since then, has been concerned with the study, reporting and cataloguing of decimal stamp books. Its reputation is such that its cataloguing nomenclatures are now widely accepted as the standard worldwide.
BDSSC was founded in 1975 and dealt primarily with the collating and reporting of information on the decimal stamp sheet issues.

GB Overprint Society (UK)
British Stamps - 6d plate 9 The GBOS provides a focus for the study of GB Overprinted stamps and postal stationery and their use, publishing a quarterly journal, study papers and books which are an essential reference for anyone collecting GB Overprints. For more information see the website or contact the Secretary at

British Postmark Society
The British Postmark Society exists to promote and to co-ordinate the study and collection of British postal markings, particularly of the 20th century and subsequently, and the means and mechanisms by which they are applied, and to publish and disseminate the results of its studies.

Commercial Overprint Society of Great Britain
The Commercial Overprint Society of Great Britain (COSGB) is an online association of people who share an interest in commercial overprints.

New Stamp Issues for Collectors of British Stamps

British Stamps - 3d plate 8 imperf Guernsey Post Office

Isle of Man Post Office

Jersey Post Office

UK Post Office

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Pages on Stamp Domain on GB Stamps and GB Postal History

Edinburgh Official Paid Handstamps

Edinburgh Newspaper Branch (NPB)

Postal Stationery cut-outs used on cover

1889 Inland Letter & Parcel Postage Rates
Notice issued by the General Post Office in January 1889

Specimen Envelope for Proposed Algarsson Flight
1925 Algarsson proposed North Pole Dirigible Flight printed envelope

1805 Petition to the Treasury for establishment of a Stamp Office in Edinburgh

Sir Rowland Hill, the Story of a Great Reform
as told by his daughter. Eleanor Caroline Smyth
Chapter VI reproduced from the book, by Eleanor Caroline Smyth, published in 1907. Chapter VI is perhaps the most important from the point of view of philatelists.

Biography of Sir Rowland Hill
as told by his daughter. Eleanor Caroline Smyth
From the book, "Sir Rowland Hill, the Story of a Great Reform" by Eleanor Caroline Smyth, published in 1907.

Selected Pages for Collectors of GB Stamps and GB Postal History

British Stamps - Queen Victoria 6d Penny Black
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Penny Black First Day Covers

The Plating of the Penny - 1840-1864
by John A. McCulloch
This page accesses an Index to the marvelous work by Mr. Harold W. Fisher based on themeasurement system devised by Roland Brown.

British Stamps - Queen Victoria 2½d The Penny Black Plating Project
by Ian Wright
contains scans of penny black stamps, that are searchable for plating purposes
"My goal here is to get a complete set of scans of all the 1840-41 Penny Black and Red printings of the Penny Black!"

GB 1840 "Penny Black" - Plate Number help
from - Postage Stamp Chat Board & Stamp Bulletin Board Forum
Lots of information on plating the penny black and if you are stuck there is no shortage of experts to help you.

Problems of the Penny Plates
A brief study by John A. McCulloch

Great Britain - The Imperforate Issues (1840-1853)
Focusing solely on Great Britain’s imperforate issues, the 1d black and red, and the 2d blue.
by Chris Jones

British Stamps - £5 Orange used Edinburgh 1896 My Victoria
Imperforate Line Engraved Stamps of Great Britain from Plate Position 'CG'

QV Line Engraved Issue
by Wm F Blank

Wide ranging discussion on the GB 1882 £5 Orange QV stamp Postage Stamp Chat Board & Stamp Bulletin Board Forum

GB KGV 1d "Downey Head" stamps. A Detailed look & Discussion
from Postage Stamp Chat Board & Stamp Bulletin Board Forum

British Stamps - Queen Victoria 2½d Great Britain Machins
by Robin Harris

Royal Mail Horizon Postage Labels
Here you can read more about this new phase of modern postal history.

GB Postal Rates
Information about the postal rates in force is frequently vital for understanding and writing-up covers, but sometimes (or often!) this can be difficult to track down. The current section is intended as a general resource for GB collectors, listing as many British postage rates as possible.

Collecting British Squared Circle Postmarks
by Tim Burgess

British Stamps - Queen Victoria 2d Maltese Cross Cancellations
(archive copy on Way Back Machine)
Professor S. David Rockoff & Mike Jackson

GB Postmark Database
by Allan Oliver
The Largest Database of British Postmarks on the net. There are 14,790 British Postmarks listed with 11,868 illustrated.

G.B Postal Towns
by John A. McCulloch
Have you ever wondered about which town a partial CDS came from? For the Victorian Period of Great Britain ... here's a chance to find out.

Protective overprints and underprints
by Andy Donaldson

British Stamps - W H Smith SSF precancel
W H Smith 1882 SS F precancel

Early Precancels of Great Britain
by Steve Panting
The aim of this web site is to consolidate information on early GB precancels.

Before the Penny Black (1st Series) by Ken Lawrence

British Stamps - Queen Victoria 2½d Before the Penny Black Revisited (2nd Series) by Ken Lawrence

Before the Penny Black part 1 by E and R Shanahan

Before the Penny Black part 2 by E and R Shanahan

Before the Penny Black part 3 by E and R Shanahan

Before the Penny Black part 4 by E and R Shanahan

Before the Penny Black part 5 by E and R Shanahan

The Establishment of the Post Office in Great Britain, 1656
by Adam Miller
Transcription of the 1656 "Act for the Setling of the Postage of England, Scotland and Ireland". This 9 page Act, of Cromwell's Parliament, passed on 17th September 1656, deals with the rules, rates and routes within England, Scotland and Ireland, plus Europe.

GB Postal Stationery Newspaper Wrappers

Stamped to Order GB Newspaper Wrappers

W H Smith Newspaper Wrappers

Maury Newspaper Wrapper used in GB

GB Postal History

by Sonia and Andrew Reynolds

The Postal History of the Kingdom of Carrick
by Tom Fowler

British Stamps - British Empire Exhibition Ulster Pavilion 1924 Slogan Postmark

Maritime Markings of Great Britain
by Ron Shanahan

200 Years of British Postal Markings, 1660-1860
by Eunice Shanahan and Ron Shanahan

Polish Field Post Offices during WW2 - Poczta Polowa
During World War II GB stamps were used by the Polish Armed Forces
Below is a patriotic cover censored and postmarked Poczta Polowa 122 (Field Post Office 122)

British Stamps - usedby Polish Force WW2

Books and Literature on GB Stamps and GB Postal History

Great Britain Philatelic Bibliography
a listing of books on GB Stamps, GB Postal History and GB Postal Stationery

Articles in Magazine on GB Stamps and GB Postal History

June 1950 issue of Gibbons Stamp Monthly p 115
by C P Rang
British Stamps - 1887 Cracked Plate ½d vermilion

June 1950 issue of Gibbons Stamp Monthly pp 120-121
Details of the cylinder numbers used with descriptions of flaws and varities of the stamp. The initial order was for 24 million stamps, but following suggestions that speculators were active with this stamps a further 18 million stamps were printed. The most notable variety being the "7 berries" flaw.

December 1951 issue of Gibbons Stamp Monthly p 44
Illustrations and details of some flaws on the "single cypher" watermark in the 1912-1924 isuues of George V. Missing "v"; missing "R"; missing "G"; "P" for "R"; and combinations of flaws.

British Stamps - £1 PUC


Bath Postal Museum
8 Broad Street, Bath BA1 5LJ
tel: + 44 1225 460333
Lots of Penny Blacks and a replica Victorian Post Office. Housed in the building where the first recorded used 1d Blacks were issued in 1840.

National Postal Museum
King Edward Street, London EC1A 1LP
tel: +44 20 7776 3636

British Library Philatelic Collections
96 Euston Road, London NW1 2DB
tel: +44 20 7412 7635

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