Postal Stationery cut-outs 
Cutouts by Herbert Edgar Weston

1910 cover 2 x one shilling cut-out from stamped to order postal stationery
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Herbert Edgar Weston 1918 cover
another, not so obvious, cover  from Weston  with Stockwell postmark,
2 x ½d cut out from stamped to order postal stationery, handwritten address in Weston's own handwriting

Weston 1922 Tristan da Cunha
producing covers from Tristan da Cunha was one of Weston's favourite area,
he sent out parcels of stamped envelopes, to the island, to be franked and posted back to him,
and  then he sold the covers to collectors.

Philatelic items, the work of Herbert Edgar Weston, of 386 Brixton Road, London, appear on the philatelic market from time to time.  Weston was perhaps unique in that he used cut outs from stamped to order postal stationery as opposed to regular Post Office issue postal stationery. 

In an article, in Gibbons Stamp Monthly (March 2003), Peter van Gelder concludes that H Edgar Weston was in fact a pseudonym used by stamp dealer Victor Marsh. He states that the address, 386 Brixton Road, was that of a stamp shop, from about 1915 till the late 1930s, owned by Victor Marsh.  In actual fact it is a complete reverse of this -  Weston  used Victor Marsh as a trading name.

In "Victor Marsh's List of Philatelic Periodicals", circa 1913, the address is given as 389 (not 386) Brixton Road.

Peter van Gelder states that similar covers are also know addressed to Victor Marsh (JPS 804) at 13 Sion Road, Twickenham, Middlesex as late as 1956. I have items addressed to Victor Marsh, Miss M F Weston and Mrs Marion M Weston all at this same address as late as October 1959. (see Victor Marsh  ptpo newspaper wrappers).

The British Philatelic Trust lists Victor Marsh as a dealer in philatelic literature, in their "Who Was Who in British Philately", and states that he  purchased many philatelic libraries, including those of Eaton, Heide, van Rooij, Parés and Moens. It does not have a listing for H Edgar Weston.

Following all these purchases Victor Marsh claimed that he had the largest stock of philatelic literature for sale in the world.

In "Biographies of Philatelists and Dealers, 9th Edition" (pages 991 and 1510) Brian Birch states that Victor Marsh was a pseudonym used by H Edgar Weston.

An rare non-philatelic item addressed to H Edgar Weston.
This undated newspaper  wrapper is addressed to H Edgar Weston. This particular wrapper is known to have been in use between 1951 and 1961. In "Collect British Postal Stationery" by Alan Huggins and Colin Baker it is listed as WS37 and unpriced. Very few examples are known of this 1d blue wrapper and it is the only known copy from The Evening News.  Somewhat ironic that this rare item was not the work of H Edgar Weston himself.

Evening Standard wrapper WS37

A search on the internet produced the following references to Edgar Weston

Cavendish Auctions Lot 1150 in Sale 620, 25 April 2002, reads
H.Edgar Weston - 'A British Georgian Stamp Banned by the Postmaster General!'. A fine copy of the 1920 edition of this scarce 8pp pamphlet, printed in British Guiana, arguing the case for the use of postal stationary cut-outs to pay postage; cover signed by Weston. The two covers originally included in the pamphlet are mounted on a separate album leaf.

Cavendish Auctions Lot 1369 in Sale 600, 16 May 2001, reads
S.S. BRAEMAR CASTLE - THE RARE TRIANGULAR "CENSORED/H.M.H.S. 602/MASTER" CACHET; 11th Sept. 1916 env. to Edgar Weston (the noted philatelist) in London franked (as so often with Weston's WWI mail) by a pair of GB c.t.o. KEVII Postal Stat. cut-outs tied by "SOUTHAMPTON" c.d.s.'s, with a very fine strike of this unusual purple censor mark (IA133; no dates of use recorded) with initials in the middle on the front. Few known. Plus c.1916 unused PPC of the ship. (2 items).

Cavendish Auctions Lot 3097  in sale 631, 25 October 2002
"A BRITISH GEORGIAN STAMP BANNED BY THE POSTMASTER GENERAL" by H.Edgar Weston. A fine copy of this scarce eight page pamphlet printed in British Guiana, arguing the case for the use of postal stationery cut-outs to pay postage. Cover signed by Weston. The two covers originally included in the pamphlet are mounted on a separate album leaf.

Harmers Auction 4708, Lot 1404 
1919, large envelope Registered to H. Edgar Weston in London, franked Great Britain 1911 ½d. postal stationery cut-out (6) and with four fair strikes of the type I "TRISTAN DA CUNHA" cachet alongside, endorsed "Recd 10 OC 1919", fine

Lot 305. CENSORED “H Edgar Weston” cover addressed to him in London with a superb imperf block of eight x 10d blue GEO V dies affixed & tied by d/ring FIELD POST OFFICE/H13 dated 28.7.1916. each of the embossed impressions is cancelled by blue pencil crosses. At left is censors mark No.1037

Herbert Edgar Weston
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Oswald Marsh cut outs

During the same period another stamp dealer, Oswald Marsh,  with a business based in Norwood SE19 was also sending out cards and covers with postal stationery cut-outs. Oswald Marsh is known to have been at Norwood from 1905 till 1939. All the covers are franked with cut-outs from regular Post Office issue postal stationery.

Oswald Marsh 1940 cover
1940 cover to USA with  3 x 1½ d postal stationery cut outs

H  L'Estrange Ewen cut outs

This newspaper wrapper has been stamped with a cut-out and is postmarked at Norwood  on  1 December 1911. It would appear that it contained a philatelic publication and was sent out by Ewen's Ltd of Norwood SE.

H L'Estrange Ewen produced a booklet "The Unadhesive Postage Stamps of the the UK"  in 1905 in which he mentions Oswald Marsh. Unadhesive in this instance means postal stationery cut-outs. H L'Estrange Ewen was also involved in producing other philatelic publications.

Cutout by I J Bernstein

Here is an example of a cutout from a newspaper wrapper used on a post card in 1905 by a Stamp Dealer,  I J Bernstein of 9 Albert Square, Manchester, in which there is a reference to "Cut out came safely to hand".

Postal Stationery Cutouts Used on Covers

Postal Stationery Cutouts by Larry Rosenblum
an example of a registered cover from Norwood 
(where Oswald Marsh, see above, posted most of his "cut-outs")
is shown on this site

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