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for Collectors of German Stamps and German Postal History

German Philatelic Society (USA)
26 Chapters in USA and 4 Chapters in Canada, 13 study groups covering the following
Bavaria, Buildings, Colonies, Danzig, GDR, Early Empire, Handoverprints, Inflation Period, Notopfer, Plebescites/Memel/Saar, Stadtpost (City Posts), Third Reich, WW-II Eastern Occupation

Germany and Colonies Philatelic Society (UK)
Caters for every aspect of German philately, beginners, general collectors, advanced and specialised levels.
Regional Groups - London, Farnborough,Tyne Tees, South Coast, Midlands, North West, Scotland, South West
Study Groups - Third Reich, Danzig, German Seals, Buildings, Postcards, Zeppelins, Stadtposts, German Colonies

TPO & Seapost Society
For collectors of TPO and RPO postmarks and covers, sea post and paquebot marks, ship and packet letters, and other maritime postal history.

Study Group of the Collectors of German Colonial Stamps
German POs in China, German POs in Morocco, German POs in Turkey, German New Guinea, German East Africa, German South West Africa, Cameroon, Caroline Islands, Kiaochow, Mariana Islands, Marshall Islands, Samoa, Togo together with the Sea Post and Naval Ships Post of those regions.

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New Issues of Germany stamps

Selected pages on Germany Stamps and Germany Postal History

Germany's 1889-1900 Crown and Eagle Issue

Propaganda and Espionage Philately
by SGM Herbert A. Friedman (Ret.)

British Forgeries of the Stamps and Banknotes of the Central Powers
SGM Herbert A. Friedman (Ret.)
During the course of the First World War, the British counterfeited eight stamps of three enemy nations. These were the 5, 10 and 25 heller stamps of Austria, the 5, 10 and 15-pfennig stamps of Bavaria, and the 10 and 15-pfennig stamps of Germany. It is assumed that these stamps were forged to be used to mail pro-Allied propaganda behind enemy lines.

German Reprints and Forgeries from auction site
A very informative thread from mainly about forgeries of WWII material

German Emergency Provisional Issued Stamps from September - December 1923

German Propaganda forgeries for Great Britain of World War II
by Wolfgang Prätzsch
archive copy via Way Back Machine

Operation Cornflakes - Postage stamps contributed to the victory over Hitler!
Operation Cornflakes was launched on February 5, 1945. Over a three-month period, 20 missions were flown, with 320 fake mail bags dropped about 96,000 propaganda pieces in all...

Sudetenland 1938-1945, a postal historic story
by Knud-Erik Andersen

The Russians in Germany 1945-49
from - a very extensive discussion on this subject with a great deal of information

TPO of Grand Duchy of Baden
By Dominic Wickremasinghe

Heligoland History and Postal Rates
by Fritz Wagner

Germany Stamps and Postal History
Inter-Camp Polish Post in Germany in 1945
by Jan Kosniowski

Heligoland - Table of Printings, Remainders and Scarcity
by Fritz Wagner

The Robert Pollard Study - Heligoland
by Robert T Pollard

German Inflation 1923

Postal Rates Saarland 1920-1945
Overview of the postal rates of Saarland 1920-1945

Postmarks of Esslingen
by Thomas Lauterbach
Very comprehensive site of all postmarks of Esslingen am Neckar from 1764 to date, in German, but very easy to follow.

Catapult mail sent from the two German ships "S/S BREMEN" and "S/S EUROPA
Flightplans - the dates when the feederflights and the catapult flights took place. Postal rates for the period 1929 - 1935. Registered mail and other information.

Catapult Mail to Germany
Catapult mail was one of several schemes used to speed mail across the oceans before airplanes could make the trips.

German War Letters
German War Letters, Research Projects, Postal Censorship, Bibliography etc

In September 2006 a German court sentenced a Bensheim stamp dealer to jail in a spectacular forgery case.

4,400 men were interned on this former horse racecourse in Ruhleben at the start of WW1. On 19 July 1915 Albert Kamps started the Ruhleben Express Delivery, RXD, and issued postage stamps.

The Simplicity of Basic Forgery Detection
by GotStamps, California
Examples of forgeries from Baden, Bremen, Lubeck and Bergedorf

Germany - 19th Century Private Posts
by Jay T. Carrigan
Collection of 381 Stadtpost issues

Wurttemberg Stamped to Order Newspaper Wrapper
From June 1894 to June 1898 a total of 49 monthly issues of the "Die Briefmarke" magazine were issued and posted using printed to private order newspaper wrappers.

Postage Stamps of Wurttemberg
by Bertram William Henry Poole

Berlin Private Posts - Stamped to Order Newspaper Wrappers
A selection of newspaper wrappers from the private posts "Packetfart" and "Berliner Spedition"

Germany 1945 Thuringia Thuringen Weihnachtsspende
Miniture Sheet issued on 18.12.1945 for Thuringia (Thuringen) under Soviet Russian administration

Books on Germany Stamps and Germany Postal History

1886-1986 A Century of German Ship Posts
by Edwin Drechsel, 1987, 114 pp
German offshore and domestic Sea and Ship Post marks, 263 markings, brief useful background information

The Berlin Rohrpost
by Neil Smart, 64pp

Deutsche Vorphilatelie, Katalog der Grenzübergangs
Peter Feuser and Werner Münzberg, 1991, 118pp
German Transit Markings that were applied in Germany. In German with English introduction.

G.R.I. The Postage Stamps of the German Colonies occupied by the British, 1914-1918 >
by Robert M. Gibbs, 1988, 290 pages
New Guinea and the Marshall Islands, Cameroons, Mafia, Samoa, Togoland. The stamps and postal history.

German Colonies and Post Offices Abroad - Catalogue of Postmarks (English Edition)
by the German Colonies Study Group, 2019, 240pp
The English Edition is a translation of the 18th Edition of the German edition. Contains details of every German Post Office abroad with illustrations of postmarks and other postal markings.

German / English Philatelic Dictionary
German Philatelic Society, 2005, 298pp

German Military Units and Field Post Numbers connected to Norway 1940-1945
by Erik Lørdahl, 346pp, 2001
An extensive database of fieldposts of German units during the occupation of Norway in WW II. Included are army units, naval units and air units that were based in Norway. The text is presented in Norwegian, English and German.

German Occupation of Belgium 1914-1918
by R T Harrison, publ Belgian Study Circle, 1986, 69pp

German Seepost Cancellations 1886-1939 Part 1, European, North & South Atlantic Routes
by Cockrill and Arno Gottspenn, 1986, 116 pp

German Seepost Cancellations 1886-1939 Part 2, African, Asian & Australasian Routes
by Cockrill and Arno Gottspenn, 1987, 116 pp

Handbook of the Mail in the Concentration Camps 1933-1945
by Sam Simon, 1973, 136pp

by D S Patton, published by Robson Lowe, 1963, 56 pp

Hyper-Inflation in Germany 1923. Postal History & List of Rates from 1906-1923
by Gerhard Binder, 2003, 47pp

Philately of the German Pacific Colonies
by Sherman Pompey, 1968, 29pp

Polish Inter-Camp Post in Germany
by M. Perzynski, 25pp, 1958

Post Office List of Polish Territories administered by Prussia and Germany prior to 1944
by T M Gordon, 1974, 39pp

Postage Rates of Germany 1906 - 1923
edited by Diana Manchester,  1991, 36 pp
A guide to the Inflation Period, covers most rates except foreign packages.

The Postal History of German East Africa
by K Pennycuick, edited by Proud, 1989, 223 pp

Postwar Years of Germany 1945-48, Postal History
by Dr H F  & W Stich, 1994, 272 pp
An excellent work on the turmoil following the war; crammed with information.

SS Hitler Stamps
by Wolfgang Baldus
A philatelic study on a disputed stamp issue. This study deals with the American forgeries and parodies of the German 6 and 12 pfennig Hitler head stamps that were produced for propaganda purposes during World War II. Genuine stamps and copies from the disputed issue are compared in enlarged illustrations.

The Stamps of Germany Third Reich
by A Harper & W. Scheck, circa 1970, 181 pp

The Third Reich, Concentration Camp and Ghetto Mail System Under the Nazi Regime
by Henry Kahn, publ Judaica Historical Philatelic Society, 1966, 29pp


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