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Hong Kong 1862 96c


  • Hong Kong was taken by force by an East India Company naval force on 26 January 1841 to provide for 2,000 British subject expelled from Canton.

  • The Hong Kong Post Office was founded in August 1841.

  • Hong Kong was ceded to Great Britain by treaty in 1861.

  • The first stamps were issued on 8 December 1862. The portrait of Queen Victoria, for this stamp, was engraved by Jean Ferdinand Joubert. A total of six stamps were issued; 2c, 8c, 12c, 18c, 24c, 48c and 96c; each value corresponding to a specific postage rate at the time. The stamps were printed by De la Rue of Great Britain on unwatermarked paper.

  • The second issue was made in August 1863, as stamps of the value of 4, 6 and 30 cents were found to be required.

  • Stamps of Hong Kong can be found used from Bangkok, Labuan, Macao, Manila, Anping (Formosa) and Chinese Treaty Ports.

  • Hong Kong was occupied by the Japanese from 15 December 1941 until 14 August 1945.

  • Philatelic Societies for Collectors of Hong Kong Postage Stamps & Postal History

    Hong Kong Philatelic Society
    Founded 1921. Formed to promote philatelic activities in Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong Study Circle
    The Hong Kong Study Circle was founded in 1951 to record and circulate information on the philatelic and postal history of Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports. It is UK-based and regular meetings are held in London. Provincial meetings are also held from time to time.

    Hong Kong Study Marking Group
    The main objective of this group is the exchange of stamps and information relating to Hong Kong Security Markings and Perfin stamps. To develop increased knowledge of the different markings and identify those still on the unknown list. To list, where possible with illustrations the known items so as to assist all collectors of this field.

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    Selected pages for the Hong Kong Philatelist

    Hong Kong $10 1938 KGVI green and violet The Philately of the Hong Kong Treaty Ports
    by Robert Wilson
    Hong Kong stamps were used on letters mailed at British post offices in a number of Chinese ports (and a couple of Japanese also) in the 19th. and 20th Centuries. The Treaty Port Offices first issued their own cancellors, barred oval 'killers', in 1866. Prior to this all of their outgoing mail had been cancelled 'B62' in Hong Kong.

    The Hong Kong 'China' Overprints - British Offices In China 1917 - 1930
    This site attempts to gather in one place some of the extraordinary research that has been done by a number of individuals and organizations without whom none of this would be possible.

    Postage stamps and postal history of Hong Kong
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    Hongkong Post
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    History of the Hong Kong Post

    Ceylon to Hong Kong Newspaper Wrapper
    from Stamp Domain
    A wrapper addressed to Arthur H Limpus on HMS Terrible, in 1900, with a very rare "RECEIVED IN FORWARD BAG" handstruck marking applied in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong stamps designed by Czeslaw Slania
    by Ann Mette Heindorff
    October 2003 - Hong Kong was added to Czeslaw Slania's list of clients as country No 39...

    The Elling O Eide Collection of Local Posts - Wei-Hai-Wei
    Archive copy of the section from auction 47 with realised prices
    from Interasia Auctions Limited

    Hong Kong Officially Sealed Labels Catalog
    by Philippe Orsetti
    Officially Sealed Labels, an official postal document, are used to secure letters and packages received in damaged condition or damaged at the Post Office.

    Forged Stamps of Hong Kong
    by Morten Munck
    Forged stamps of Hong Kong from the Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth issues. Many forged postmarks to look out for.

    Direction Markings: Re-Direction Markings Reconsidered
    by Charles A. Jones
    Names of ports, such as Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Singapore, are occasionally found as unframed, straight-line markings on loose stamps, post cards, and covers of Hong Kong.

    letter to Sub Lieut Roger Lamble
    Hong Kong - Prisoner of War Camp Mail 1942-1945
    from Stamp Domain
    letters sent to Sub Lieut Roger Lamble HKRNVR, while he was a Prisoner of War in North Camp Hong Kong

    Books on Hong Kong Philately

    Hong Kong 1891 Jubilee 2c The 1891 Jubilee Overprint of Hong Kong
    by Chan Shiu-Hon FRPSL, published by Philatelic Publications Ltd, 1997

    20th Century Hong Kong UPU surface mail
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    Far East Mail Ship Itineraries Vol 1
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    French Mail Paquebot Far East Itineraries 1862-1880
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    The Hong Kong ‘China’ Overprints
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    Hong Kong Forgeries
    by Ming Tsang, self-published, 1994, 143pp
    With illustrations, rarity information and bibliography. The author identifies forgeries and counterfeits stamps and covers including overprints, surcharges and postal markings. He includes Treaty Port markings.

    Hong Kong Postage Stamps of the Queen Victoria Period 'A Collector's Notebook'
    by R N Gurevitch, 1993

    Hong Kong, the Postal History of the Pre-Adhesive
    by Peter Shek, 192pp
    The Gold Medal collection of Peter Shek, with an introductory essay by Ming Tsang. The postal history of Hong Kong arranged by area in chronological order.

    Hong Kong Postal Stationary
    by J J Castiglione, 1992

    Hong Kong Postal Stationery
    by James Simon Company, 1997, 3rd edition, 99pp.
    Retail prices with catalogue number and description. Formula cards, postal cards, envelopes, aerogrammes, regular envelopes, includes specimens and specialized material.

    Hong Kong Queen Victoria Postal Adhesives
    by Richard N Gurevitch, Vol 1 & 2, published by Hong Kong Philatelic Society, 2001

    Hong Kong Registration Labels
    by Ming W. Tsang, 180pp.
    On-cover reference prices. Hong Kong registered mail, post office seals and labels, Cinderella material, post offices, postal history, covers, military mail, exhibitions, catalogs, price lists.

    Hong Kong Scott - Yang / Yang - Scott Catalog Correlation
    by Ralph Weil with Michael Rogers, 2006, second edition.

    Hong Kong – Treaty Port and Other Postmarks
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    Hong Kong and the Treaty Ports
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    Hong Kong Treaty Ports
    by Ming W Tsang, 1995, 129pp
    This work is based on Ming Tsang's collection exhibited at the Philadelphia National Philatelic Exhibition in October 1995 at which it was awarded a Vermeil Medal; Hong Kong Postal History; 19th and 20th Century China, Japan Treaty Ports; Postal markings; Maritime Mail Shipping Companies and Packet Service covers; Transoceanic Mail; International Mail Postal Rates; Great Britain Offices in China, Wei-Hai-Wei; Offices Abroad; Postal Agencies; Consular Mail; Registered Mail; Postal Stationery Cards.

    The Philatelic and Postal History of HONG KONG and the Treaty Ports of China and Japan
    by Webb, published by James Bendon Ltd, 2000

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    The Pre-Adhesive Period to the Beginning of Packet Service from Hong Kong, 1800-1845
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    Yang's Postage Stamp & Postal History Catalogue of Hong Kong
    by Nai-Chiang Yang (21st ed 2004) (22nd ed 2007) (23rd ed 2015), Yang's Stamp Service, Hong Kong
    Includes Postal Markings, Pre-Adhesive Issue, QV-QEII Definitives & commemoratives, S/Ss, Booklets, BOB, BPO in China, Japanese Occupation of Hong Kong, Postal Stationery Issues, Paquebot Marks, Treaty Port Postmarks, Hong Kong First Flight Covers (1932-39).