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 India Study Circle (United Kingdom)
This is the website for anyone interested in Indian Stamps, Postal Stationery, Indian States Stamps, Revenue Stamps and all areas of Indian Philately.  Membership of The India Study Circle is a great way to learn more about all aspects of Indian Philately.


India Post

The Director,
Philatelic Bureau,
General Post Office,

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Selected Web Pages
about Indian Stamps

by Robert J. B. Wilson

ILLUSTRATIONS of the CANCELLATIONS on Stamps of INDIA used in ADEN 1855-1937
Robert J B Wilson

by René Gerritsen

Modern Indian Postal History 1947-1997
by  Kumar Bayanwala

Express Delivery Covers and Stationery
by R. Howard Courtney

Refugee Relief Stamps and Covers
by R. Howard Courtney

by R. Howard Courtney

Postal History of India
by Dakshina Kannada Philatelic Association 

Encyclopedia: Stamps and postal history of India

philatelic societies in India

Princely States Report
Princely States Report premiered in 2000 with a focus on philately of the princely states of India, known by stamp collectors as the "convention" and "feudatory" states of India. Some useful information on the site, but does not appear to have been updated since the end of 2001.

Stamps on India
This site displays foreign stamps, postal stationery, postal markings, and other philatelic items on Indian subjects.

History of Postal Communications in India
by Sangeeta Deogawanka

Fiscals of Rajpipla State
by Prashant Pandya
Rajpipla (Rajpeepla). Formerly Rewa Kantha Agency; merged in Saurashtra; now in Gujarat State

Scinde District Dawks - The Premier Stamps of Asia
In 1852, India became the 10th country in the world and the first country in Asia to issue postage stamps. One would have expected the stamps to have been issued from Calcutta (the then capital of India), however the stamps happened to see the light of day in a remote province called 'Scinde'.

Indian Cinderellas - Azad Hind Issues
by Andrew Freeston
Azad Hind stamps were produced by Germany in 1943 for Subhas Chandra Bose under his direction and with the approval of the German Government.

1901 British Railway Administration (Indian China Expeditionary Force)

Postal History - Subhas Chandra Bose
India's Fight for Independence during WWII. The controversial leader Subhas Chandra Bose sought help in Japan for Indian Independence.

Modern Indian States postage stamp forgeries: an illustrated checklist
by David Heppell

India One-half Anna Envelopes of 1902-1907
by Steven Zwillinger
An exhibit of Edwardian Half-Anna envlopes: their production; overprint for use by China Expeditionary Forces; usage in Nepal, Tibet and the Persian Gulf.

India One-quarter Anna Postcard of 1902
by Steven Zwillinger
An exhibit of the Edwardian Quarter-Anna postcards of 1902: selected usage; and the issue for the Indian Chinese Expeditionary Forces. One-quarter was the domestic postcard rate, both a single and a reply version were issued.

Early India cancellations--- The pre 1875 Hexagonals
from - Postage Stamp Chat Board & Stamp Bulletin Board Forum

The fascinating world of varieties of Travancore and T&C
from - Postage Stamp Chat Board & Stamp Bulletin Board Forum

The dubious charms of the Uglies - Jind
from - Postage Stamp Chat Board & Stamp Bulletin Board Forum

The intriguing politics of postage stamps
Postal department to stop printing stamps of Indira and Rajiv. New stamps to depict Sangh icons and 'forgotten' Congress leaders


Portuguese India
published by Stanley Gibbons, 1893, 1998 reprint, 87pp 

The Four Anna Lithographed Stamps of India 1854-55
by Martin & Smythies 1930, 1996 reprint, 50pp plus 12 plates

Catalogue of the Handstruck Postage Stamps of India
by H Giles, 1960, 1966, 1989, 224pp

Stamps of India
by Jal Cooper, 1968, 177pp

1854 Identification of Essays Proofs and Reprints
by Spence, 1975, 158pp

A Guide to the Postal Stationery of India 1856-1977
by Derek Lang, 1978, Vol 1; 1979, Vol 2,
published by The India Study Circle

India Field Post Offices 1903-04
by Robson Lowe 1979, 12pp

Hyderbad Philatelic History
by Dr M A Nayeem, 1980, 276pp

Postal Censorship in India 1939 - 1945
by D S Virk, 1983, 38pp

The Stamps of Jammu & Kashmir
by Frits Staal, 1983, 304pp

Punches, Dies & Plates
by Derek Lang, 1984, 102pp

Indian Military Air Letter Cards 1942-47
by O R J Lee, published by the Forces Postal History Society in GB, 1985, 76pp plus 21 plates

The Sacred Cow Issues of Bundi
by R J Benns, 1986

Bibliography - Indian Philately
by Philatelic Congress of India, 1988, 426pp

Thikana Khetri (Jaipur)
by O P Bhatnagar, 1988, 60pp

Adjmer Postal History 1820-1947
by Dhor & Ranjan, 1989, 82pp

The Imperial Post Offices of British India Vol 1 1837-1914
by Mazumdar, 1990

The Stamps of Walkaway
by R  J. Benns, 1990, 55pp

The Comprehensive India States Postal Stationery Listing
by Edward F. Deschl, 1994, 323pp

A Catalogue of Indian Censorship 1914-1920
by Alan Baker,1994, 32pp

Early History and Growth of Postal System in India
by Mohini Lal Majumdar 1995, 263pp

British Indian Postal Stationery
by Derek Lang, published by the Stuart Rossiter Turst Fund, 1998, 222pp

History of the Indian Army Postal Service
by Edward B. Proud Vol. 1 1854-1913, 480pp; Vol. 2, 1914-1931, 291pp; Vol. 3, 1931-1947, 686pp


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