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Italy stamps and Italy Postal History

Italy Resource Page - Italian Stamps and Postal History

Italy Stamps and Italian Postal History
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Philatelic Societies for Collectors of Italian Stamps and Italy Postal History

Italy and Colonies Study Circle (GB)
Meetings at: Union Jack Club, Sandell Street, London SE1 8UJ
Contact: Richard Harlow, 7 Duncombe House, 8 Manor Road, Teddington TW11 8BG
The Italy and Colonies Study Circle is a society dedicated to the study of the stamps and the postal history of the Italian area.

New Issues

Italy Post Office

Selected pages on Italian Stamps and Postal History 

The Resitance in Italy 1943-1945
Adapted freely from a monograph published by Italian Center for Resistance Philately, Milan, Italy.

Problem with Ink Supplies to Italian Stamp Printers in 1916?
from Stamp Domain

Italian Peace Keeping Missions
Italian Geographical and Scientific Missions
Explorers and Scientists from the Italian Army

Italian Stamps  1862 - 1945
by Trude Meland and Jørgen Christian Meyer

The stamps of the OLD ITALIAN STATES
Pages covering the following States: Lombardy-Venetia, Modena, Parma, Tuscany, Roman State, Romagna, Sardinia, Naples, Neapolitan Province and Sicily

The first issue of Lombardy-Venetia - the classification of the stamps, the methodology of printing, the division of the stamps in type, subtype, plate, postal tariff.

Stamps of the Italian Social Republic
by Giorgio Bifani

FIUME Stamps and Postal History 1818 - 1924
Ivan Martinas

Postage stamps and postal history of Italy
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stamps of Italy and Italian Colonies
by Tony Clayton

Selected books on Italian Stamps and Postal History

Stamps of Italy Used Abroad, part 6, Dodecanese, Carpathos to Symi, Ship Mail in the Dodecanese
by S D Tchilinghirian and Rag R Bernardelli, Studio Filatelico Silvano Sorani, 1974
Roman States Essays and Reprints, The Issues of 1867-1870
by Rev Floyd Jenkins, 1997, 98pp

The Postal History of Sicily from its beginnings to the Introduction of the Postage Stamp
by Paolo Vollmeier, 1998, 686pp + 5 maps

The Mass Flights of Italo Balbo
by Robert E. Lane, 1996, 144pp
Flights made by Italo Balbo in 1928 to the Western Mediterranean, in 1929 to the Eastern Mediterranean, in 1930 across the South Atlantic and in 1933 to Chicago. All aspects including value of the covers.

The Post and Courier Service of Early Modern Italy
by Giorgio Migliavacca, 1980, 32pp

History of the Postage Stamps of SICILY
by Emilio Diena, translated by Edward Benjamin Evans, 1969 (reprint of the 1904 original), 143pp

Sicily 1859: Forgeries
Sicilia 1859: Falsi
Sizilien 1859 Fälschungen
by Otto Stiedl and Fritz Billig, translations by Dr Giorgio Migliavacca, 2006, 80pp
Forgeries of the 1859 King Bomba stamps of Sicily. In German, English and Italian.

Postage Stamps of the Italian States
by Derek Ingram, pub Stamp Collecting, 1917, 28pp

Italian Stamps
by Roy A Dehn, pub Heinemann, 1973, 278pp

Dictionary of English and Italian Philatelic Terms
Dizionario Italiano e Inglese di Termini Filatelici
by Roy Dehn, 2004 (2nd Ed), 92pp
Translations and explanations of untranslatable terms

Bibliography - Italian Stamps and Postal History

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