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Madagascar Resource Page
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Discovered by the Portuguese in 1500, in 1840 Diego Suarez became a French protectorate, in 1892 extending to the north-west of the island. Following disputes a military expedition was sent in 1894, and the second Protectorate existed until 1896, becoming a republic within the French community until 1972 when the Government came under military control. 
During World War II, the island under the Vichy Government of Marshal Pétain, the British capturing Diego Suarez in 1942 to prevent the Japanese using it as a base.
It became an autonomous overseas French territory (Malagasy Republic) in 1958, independent in 1960 and was renamed Malagasy Democratic Republic in 1977. The country name changed to Repoblikan'l Madagasikara in 1993
 Indian Ocean Study Circle (UK)


Service Philatelique,
Direction des Prestations Financieres Postales,
Ministere des Postes et Telecommunications,
101 Antanarivo,
Republic of Madagascar

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by C. W. Spong, Indian Ocean Study Circle publication No. 10, 2003