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Territorial evolution of Australia
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Philatelic Societies for Collectors of New South Wales Postage Stamps and Postal History

New South Wales 1850 1d Australian Philatelic Society (AUSTRALIA)
The Society holds bi-monthly meetings. The Society publishes the Australian Journal of Philately.

Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania (AUSTRALIA)
The Society of Australasian Specialists was founded in July 1936 by a small group of collectors interested in Australasian philately. In 1965, the American Society of Australian Philatelists, later to become Oceania, Inc. was established for the same purpose as the older SAS. In 1978, the two Societies consolidated to better serve the members of both organizations. Today, the Society has many members, not only in the United States and Canada, but also in New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, and a few other countries.

Australian Philatelic Federation (AUSTRALIA)

Australian Airmail Society (AUSTRALIA)
Meetings 1st Wednesday of each month 7:45pm at SAPHIL House, 22 Gray Court, Adelaide
Contact address: PO Box 395, Edwardstown, SA 5039

The Postal Stationery Society of Australia
The Postal Stationery Society of Australia seeks to encourage the collecting of postal stationery in Australia and to provide a forum for the exchange of information and discussion on postal stationery.

British Society of Australian Philately (UK)
The Society was founded in 1933 as a correspondence Society. It was re-formed as a traditional Society in 1946 and named "The Australian Commonwealth Specialists Society of Great Britain" holding regular meetings in London. In 1970 a new constitution was adopted and the name was changed to "The British Society of Australian Philately". It embraces collectors of all periods of Australia, from the Colonies to the present day.

The Perfin Club of New Zealand and Australia (AUSTRALIA)
The Club was formed in 1987 and currently has about 150 members. Members' interests include the Official and private perfins of Australia and New Zealand of all periods.

Selected pages on New South Wales Postage Stamps and Postal History

New South Wales 1850 2d Postage stamps and postal history of New South Wales
"the first stamps appeared on 1 January 1850. They were locally produced, and depicted a scene of Sydney and its harbour, thus becoming known as the 'Sydney Views'. The 1d, 2d, and 3d stamps were separately engraved, and then re-engraved and retouched over the next year, yielding dozens of varieties."
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New South Wales the 1851/1855 "Laureate" Stamp Issue
Called 'Laureate' by collectors and philatelists because of the laurel wreath on the head of Queen Victoria, posed in profile.
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Charity Stamps of New South Wales
by Maurice Mishkel
The Post Office in New South Wales was responsible for several innovations in the philatelic area, and the two Charity Stamps of June 1897 influenced other countries to issue similar items

Forged Stamps of New South Wales
by Morten Munck

NSW Tax Marks
by Pete Granfield
(original site no longer on the web - this is a copy via the Way Back Machine) This website has been set up to distribute information about the tax markings of NSW from the time of joining UPU to the start of decimal currency.

Revenue stamps of New South Wales
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New South Wales Revenue Stamps
by Dave Elsmore
On line catalogue to help the collector and dealer alike...

Philatelic Books on New South Wales Postage Stamps and Postal History

History of the Post Office: Together with an historical account of the issue of postage stamps in New South Wales compiled chiefly from the records
by Andrew Houison, 110pp, 1890 1st edition; 1983 facsimile reprint
Andrew Houison was commissioned by the Government of New South Wales to produce this work, but it was soon withdrawn from circulation owing to forgeries of stamps being made from plates in the book. The edition was limited to a small number of copies.

New South Wales 1888 20s New South Wales Numeral Cancellations
by Alan G Brown and Hugh M Campbell, 1977, 96pp (2nd edition)
This Second Edition gathers together much additional information accumulated during the 14 years from publication of the First Edition. An essential work for the collector of this field.

New South Wales: The Pre-Adhesive Period
by Brian Peace FRPSL, British Society of Australian Philately, 2009, 40pp
Brian Peace took 48 years to form the collection on which this booklet is based. The many illustrations include the earliest known outward letter, of 1805, from New South Wales to London.

Numeral Cancellations of New South Wales
by Hugh Freeman, 2012
Review by Glen Stephens

The Postage Stamps, Envelopes, Wrappers, Post Cards and Telegraph Stamps of New South Wales
by A F Basset Hull, publ Stanley Gibbons, 1911 & 1913, 240pp & 334pp (2 vol)

The Postal History of New South Wales 1788-1901
by John S White (editor), Philatelic Association of NSW, 1988, 481pp
Postal Rates, hammer data, P.O. regulations, etc. A wealth of information.

The Stamps of New South Wales
by Guybon John Hutson, published by the Royal Philatelic Society, 1960

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