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Peru 1858 Un Dinero stamp

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Peru is the third largest country in South America - Brazil and Argentina are larger. The first white people to reach Peru were led by the Spanish adventurer Francisco Pizarro in the 1520's. The Spanish conquered Peru and made it a Spanish colony in the 1530's. It remained a Spanish Colony till Peru declared its independence from Spain in 1821. From the time of Spanish conquest Spanish was the only official language. In 1975 the Peruvian government made Quechua, the language of the Inca, an official language in addition to Spanish.

Stamps were issued in Peru by the Pacific Steam Navigation Company in 1857

The first stamps to be issued by Peru was in 1858

Large parts of Peru were occupied by Chile between 1879-1882, including the capital Lima, during which time stamps of Chile were in use. As a result many towns issued their own local stamps. During this period the Peruvian government made its seat at Arequipa. Stamps were also issued in Arequipa during the civil war of 1884-85 by the rebels.

Philatelic Societies for collectors of Stamps and Postal History of Peru

Peru Philatelic Study Circle
PPSC is a virtual group, currently with members in USA, Peru, South & Central America, Canada and Europe.

New Issues - get all the latest new issues direct from the Philatelic Bureau in Peru

Serpost SA 
(the website is in Spanish)
Servicios Postales del Peru 
Sub-Gerencia de Publicidad y Filatelia,
Av. Tomás Valle s/n. Cdra. 7,
Los Olivos, Lima 39,

Peru 1858 Una Pesata stamp

Selected Pages on the Stamps and Postal History of Peru

A Naval Cancel from Peru
can anyone help?

Book Review:  Peru Civil Aviation
by Alan Warren

 Antarctic supply vessel operated by Peru in support of its Antarctic base"Machu Picchu" 

Paper Heritage - Peru: 1871 'Trencito' issue.

Stamp Issues of Peru (1858-1909)
by William Cochrane.
This article endeavours to give a philatelic history of Peru from the mid-nineteenth- century, with reference to the Pacific Steam Navigation Company and description of the early issues. It also contains useful historical information pertaining to Peru at this period.

Rainer's Peruvian Local's Pages - Literature

Rainer's Peruvian Local's Pages - Catalogue Cross Reference Lists
Catalogue Cross Reference List for the Peruvian locals. Covers Alerta L., Ancachs, Apurimac, Arequipa, Ayacucho, Chachapoyas, Chala, Chiclayo, Cuzco, Huacho, Moquegua, Paita, Pasco, Pisco, Piura, Puno, YCA and Occupation Stamps issued under the Chilean Occupation.

THE ISLANDER COLLECTION - The Rarest and Most Outstanding Stamps of Peru
Prices Realised at this sale
2008 Auction catalogue and prices realised of the finest collection of Peru to be sold on the open market since 1957.

Literature on the Stamps and Postal History of Peru

Catalogue of the Postal Stationery of Peru
by Herbert H. Moll, 1999, 100+ pages, published by UPSS
A priced specialised catalogue covering envelopes, postal cards, letter cards, wrappers in addition to the view card issues. 

The Peru-GB Combination Frankings
by Percy Bargholtz & Ph. Potel, 57pp, 2000
see also Peru-GB combination frankings

Catalogo especializado de las estampillas del Peru
by Casa filatelica Bustamante (Lima, Peru), in Spanish

The 1858 Medio Peso Error of Colour an Inventory
by Percy Bargholtz, 2001, 24pp
A fine study of this interesting error

Pacific Steam Navigation Company: The use of its stamps
by Percy Bargholtz, 1982


Museo Postal
Filatelico y Numismatico del Peru
Palacio de la Exposicion