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Reunion Resource Page
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The discovery of te island in April 1513, is acredited to Pedro de Mascarenhas a Portugese navigator, the island was uninhabited when discovered and was named after him - Mascarenhas Island.
The French took possesion of the island by decree in 1638.
The first inhabitants were a dozen mutineers deported from Madagascar in 1646.
The island was named L'lle de Bourbon in 1649 
and was renamed to Réunion in 1793.
In 1815 the name was changed back to Bourbon till 1848
since when it has been Réunion.
Réunion became an overseas department of France in 1946. 

Réunion first issued stamps in 1852, the typeset locally produced 15c and 30c French stamps surcharged in the local currency.

Since 1 January 1975 unsurcharged French postage stamps have been in use on the island.

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France and Colonies Philatelic Society of Great Britain

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