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Seychelles Stamp Resource Page for the collector of Seychelles Stamps
Seychelles Resource Page
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The Seychelles Archipelago
Consisting of 115 islands settled in 1770 by French Mauritians and Réunionnais, becoming a British colony following the annexation of Mauritius in 1810. Gaining independence in 1976. 

Between 1861 and 1890 Mauritius postage stamps were used cancelled B64. 

In 1890 named colony keyplates were issued. The Victorian locally printed surcharge errors are numerous, as are the Edwardian keyplate errors. The maritime element forms an interesting section in any postal history collection. The postage stamps since independence depict the unique flora and fauna of the whole group of islands.
Zil Elwannyen Sesel
 Comprises of the islands of Aldabra, Farquhar, Coetivy and the Amirante Islands. 
Have issued their own postage stamps since 1980.
1980 -1982 stamps inscribed ZIL ELOIGNE SESEL
1982 -1984 stamps inscribed ZIL ELWAGNE SESEL
1985 - date stamps insribed ZIL ELWANNYEN SESEL


Indian Ocean Study Circle (UK)



Seychelles Philatelic Bureau
Box 60, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles, Indian Ocean

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Seychelles - Military Censor markings 1939 - 45 & Related air Mail Services.
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"A Hard Time in Paradise"
The History of Seychelles 1827 - 1919