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Philatelic Societies for Collecors of Tasmania Postage Stamps and Tasmania Postal History

Australian Philatelic Society (AUSTRALIA)

Society of Australasian Specialists/Oceania (AUSTRALIA)
The Society of Australasian Specialists was founded in July 1936 by a small group of collectors interested in Australasian philately. In 1965, the American Society of Australian Philatelists, later to become Oceania, Inc. was established for the same purpose as the older SAS. In 1978, the two Societies consolidated to better serve the members of both organizations. Today, the Society has many members, not only in the United States and Canada, but also in New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, and a few other countries.

Western Australia Study Group (AUSTRALIA)
The WASG was founded in 1974 to promote the collection and study of all aspects of the philately of Western Australia. Postal history started in 1826 with the settlement at King George Sound as an outpost of New South Wales. The Swan River Colony was founded in 1829 and its first adhesive postage stamps appeared in 1854 followed by postal stationery in 1879.

Australian Philatelic Federation (AUSTRALIA)

Australian Airmail Society (AUSTRALIA)
Meetings 1st Wednesday of each month 7:45pm at SAPHIL House, 22 Gray Court, Adelaide
Contact P.O. Box 395, Edwardstown, SA 5039

The Postal Stationery Society of Australia

Postal Stationery and Postal History Society of Australia Incorporated
The society was formed to cater for collectors who are interested in aspects of philately other than the study of postage stamps alone. Its members are interested in postal stationery, postal history and the exploration of the new areas associated with postal stationery and postal history including postmarks, airmails, military mail, Cinderella’s, literature etc

British Society of Australian Philately (UK)

The Perfin Club of New Zealand and Australia
The Club was formed in 1987 and currently has about 150 members. Members' interests include the Official and private perfins of Australia and New Zealand. The Club has produced two publications: "Australian Official Perfins", by David Andersen (2007) and "Handbook of Australian Private Perfins", by John Mathews (2003)

Selected pages on Tasmania Postage Stamps and Tasmania Postal History

Notes on Tasmanian Revenue Stamps 1827-1990
by Bill Lloyd-Smith

British Commonwealth Postmarks TASMANIA
by Robert S Cragg

Circular Date Stamps on Tasmanian Pictorial Stamps 1899 - 1912
Alphabetical List and Rarity Rating
by K E Lancaster

Guide to Tasmanian Stamps - An Introduction to the Stamps of Tasmania
by John Shepherd
from the Tasmanian Philatelic Society

Tasmanian Philatelic Society
The Tasmanian Philatelic Society is based in Hobart, Tasmania. The Society aims to bring together local collectors of all interests and expertise in a congenial environment. For collectors outside Tasmania, the Society aims to share information and foster research about Tasmanian Philately through the Courier and the web site.

Philatelic Books on Tasmania Postage Stamps and Tasmania Postal History

Beating the Odds: The story of Tattersall's private mail network 1902-1930
by David McNamee, Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria, 2002, 141pp

Handbook of Tasmanian Revenue Stamps
by William D Craig, Revenue and Railstamp Publications, 1997

A History of the Post Office in Tasmania
published by the Australian Post Office, 1975

The Revenue and Railway Stamps of Tasmania
by William D Craig and Owen G Ingles, Revenue and Railstamp Publications, 1978, 68pp

The Stamps of Tasmania
by A F Bassett Hull, The Philatelic Society London, 1890, 127pp

Tasmania: The informative and Instructional Markings
by P G E Reid FRPSL, British Society of Australian Philately, 2008, 36pp
The booklet is based on the author’s collection which he has spent 15 years to assemble. It is an update of new material for the 2 volume work "Tasmania - The Postal History and Postal Markings".

Tasmania - The Postal History and Postal Markings (Part I)
by H M Campbell (editor), James Richard William Purves, L C Viney, Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria, 1962, 203pp

Tasmania - The Postal History and Postal Markings (Part II)
by Owen Graeme Ingles (editor), John C Avery, P Edwards & James Richard William Purves, Royal Philatelic Society of Victoria, 1975, 189pp

Tasmania, Stamps and Postal History
by W E Tinsley, The Royal Philatelic Society of London, 1986, 191pp