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United States of America 
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The United States first general issue was in 1847 when two values, 5c and 10c, were issued. In classical design, with portraits of Benjamin Franklin and George Washington, they are often considered the United States equivalent of the Penny Black.

Philatelic Societies for USA Philately

The American Stamp Club of Great Britain

The American Philatelic Society
 Journal: American Philatelist

United States Stamp Society 
(Bureau Issues Association Inc)
 Journal: The United States Specialist

United States Philatelic Classics Society
 Journal: The Chronicle of the US Classic Postal Issues

Confederate Stamp Alliance
 Journal: Confederate Philatelist

The International Machine Cancel Society


American Air Mail Society

American First Day Cover Society
The American First Day Cover Society (AFDCS) is a volunteer non-profit and non-commerical organization serving the needs of First Day Cover collectors, cachetmakers, and dealers. Founded in 1955, the society now has a membership of nearly 3,000 active first day cover collectors, including hundreds of collectors who design and manufacture their own cacheted FDCs.

American Society for Philatelic Pages and Panels
This is the home page of the ASPPP, the only society dedicated to the study of American Commemorative Cancellation Pages, Souvenir  Pages, Commemorative Panels, Stamp Posters, stamp announcements and all other types of philatelic pages and panels.

The Carriers And Locals Society
Society founded in 1991. The Society is dedicated to the study of United States carriers, locals and express posts, as well as the forgeries, reprints and fantasies created of them.

New Issues of USA stamps

United States Postal Service

Selected pages on the WWW

Smithsonian National Postal Museum

Spellman Museum of Stamps and Postal History

1847USA, an identification site for U.S. Postage Stamp
compiled and edited by Bob Allen

Postal History of the U.S. Circular Die Postal Stationery: Rates and Usages 1916-1960
by Stephen L Suffet
Documents the United States postal rate structure in effect while the Circular Die stamped envelopes and wrappers were in current use.

James Majka's Postal Stationery Pages
by James Majka
The GE Card; Airmail Rates; Overseas Usages;  Officials; Spoiled and Reedeemed Cards; Printing and Production Errors; Essays and Proofs

Ohio Town List of Universal Machine Cancels

The RPO Postmark Page
John L. Kimbrough MD & Conrad L Bush

Confederate States of America - Fakes, Counterfeits, Reprints, Facsimiles
by John L. Kimbrough
Confederate Philately is plagued by the existence of numerous reprints, fakes, counterfeits, and outright bogus issues

Civil War Postal History Articles
by Patricia A. Kaufmann
a selection of the many articles written by Trish Kaufmann

Dave Bennett's Wild and Wacky First Day Covers!

 Obtaining First Day Postmarks
by Paul Brenner
This page provides announcements of current and recent First Day of Issue postmarks and First Day of Sale postmarks

 (this is only a small selection of the books available on the stamps and postal history of the United States)


United States Stamps of the 19th Century (3 volumes)
by Lester G Brookman, 1967, 274, 336 & 272 pp

The United States One Cent Stamp of 1851-1857 (2 volumes)
by Stanley B Ashbrook, 324 & 368 pp

The 3c Stamp of the United States 1851-1857 Issue
by Dr Carroll Chase, 1929, 374 pp

The Ten Cent Stamps of 1855-1859
by Mortimer L Neinken, 1960, 252 pp

The Bank Note Issues of United States Stamps, 1870-1893
compiled by Lester G Brookman, reprinted 1981, 98 pp

The United States Commemorative Stamps of the Twentieth Century: Volume I – 1901 to 1935; Volume II – 1935 to 1947 
by Max G Johl, 1947, 356 & 382 pp

Counterfeit Kansas-Nebraska Overprints on 1922-34 Issue
by Robert H Schoen and James T DeVoss, 1973, 33 pp

The Private Local Posts of the United States, Volume 1 – New York State
by Donald S Patton, 1967, 350 pp

The Identifier for Carriers, Locals, Fakes, Forgeries & Bogus Posts of the United States (3 Volumes)
by Larry Lyons, 450, 458 & 386 pp


19th Century United States Fancy Cancellations (4th Edition)
by Herman Herst Jr and E N Sampson, 1972, 288 pp

Cyclopedia of United States Postmarks and Postal History
edited by Delf Norona, reprinted 1975, 405 pp

Franks of Western Expresses
by M C Nathan, 1973, 281 pp

Letters of Gold – California Postal History Through 1869
by Jesse L Coburn, 1984, 389 pp

The Pony Express
by M C Nathan and W S Boggs, 1962, 105 pp

Railroad Post Office History
by Leo A McKee and Alfred L Lewis, 1972, 269 pp

United States Letter Rates to Foreign Destinations 1847 to GPU-UPU
by Starnes, publ Hartmann, 1989, revised edition, 83pp

United States Sea Post Cancellations Part 1 Transatlantic Routes
by Cockrill, c1987, 84pp

 (with the emphasis on United States, but with world-wide coverage)

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