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Bosnia became part of the Ottoman Empire in 1463 and Herzegovina followed in 1483. In 1878  Bosnia and Herzegovina were occupied by Austria-Hungary. Initially  the mail service was restricted only to military personel but on 9 January 1879 the service was extended to civilians using Austro-Hungarian stamps. From 1 July 1879 Bosnia & Herzegovina stamps were used until 1918 when Bosnia & Herzegovina become part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. During World War 2 Bosnia & Herzegovina was under Croatian rule and in 1945 it became part of Yugoslavia. On 5 April 1992 Bosnia & Herzegovina declared itself independent.

Croatia was an independent kingdom prior to 1393 when it became part of Hungary. From 1918 until 1941 it was a part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. When Germany and Italy occupied Yugoslavia on 10 April 1941 Croatia was made independent and on 7 July 1941 Croatia got Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 1945 Croatia became part of Yugoslavia. On 26 June 1991 Croatia declared its independence and Yugoslav stamps ceased to be valid on 16 January 1992. 

Macedonia was part of the Ottoman Empire and after the Balkan Wars of 1912-1913 it become part of Serbia. In  1918 it became part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. In April 1941 till September 1943 Bulgaria occupied parts of Macedonia during which time Bulgarian stamps were used. From 8 September 1944 till 13 November 1944 Macedonia was occupied by the Germans who used Bulgarian stamps overprinted with new values. In 1945 Macedonia became part of Yugoslavia. In a referendum on 8 September 1991 Macedonia declared itself independent.

Serbia was a kingdom till 1459 when it become part of the Ottoman Empire in 1804. From 1830 till 1878 Serbia was an autonomous principality and it become completely independent on 22 August 1878. The Austrian Post Office operated in Serbia between 1718 and 1739. Mail was collected by the D.D.S.G. from the 1830s till  22 March 1879. Austrian Consular Post Office operated from 1 August 1841 till 30 September 1869. The Ottoman  Post Office funtioned in Serbia from 28 October 1840 till 1878. The first Serbian Post Office was opened in Belgrade on 25 May 1840 and the first Serbian stamps were issued on 1 July 1866. In 1974 Serbia was one of the 22 founder members of the International Posta Union. In 1920 Serbia became in 1920. In 2006 the union of Sebbia and Montenegro was dissolved and Sebia once again issued its own stamps.

Slovenia was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire till 1918 when it becomes part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. On 8 July 1941 the Germans annexed parts of Slovenia and German stamps were used. The rest of Slovenia was occupied by Italy till September 1943 when the Germans took over. In 1945 Slovenia became a part of Yugoslavia. In June 1991 Slovenia declared itself independent. Yugoslav stamps were valid for postage in Slovenia until 25 April 1992. The first Slovenian stamp was issued on 26 June 1991. 

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Yugoslavia Study Group
The Yugoslavia Study Group promotes the study of the stamps and postal history of Yugoslavia, its predecessor and successor states. The Study Group publishes a quarterly journal, "Jugopošta"

Croatian Philatelic Society (USA)
The Croatian Philatelic Society is devoted to the study and exchange of information on Croatian and related postal issues, postal history and numismatics.

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Bosnia Study Group (USA)
YU Club - Club for Stamp Collectors of Yugoslavia
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Yugoslavia Stamps and Yugoslavia Postal History

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Croatian Post Inc
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Phone: 385-1-4981-047 Fax: 385-1-4981-296

Kosovo Post
PTK-Directory of Post of Kosovo
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Macedonia Post
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Slovenia Post
Pošta Slovenije d.o.o.
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Yugoslavia Stamps and Yugoslavia Postal History

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Yugoslavia flag - Yugoslavia Stamps and Yugoslavia Postal History

Published in Zagreb in 1981. The text is not in English, although there are some English notes about the postmarks. Includes listing of Postmarks, Travelling Post Offices, Manuscript Cancellations and Registered Mail.

Checklist of the Town Cancellations of Bosnia & Herzegovina 1878-1918
by T M Gordon, 1973, circa 80pp

The Principality of Serbia Postal History and Postage Stamps 1830- 1882
Dr V M Kardoch, 1996

The Postal History & Postage Stamps of Serbia
by Mirko R Rasic, pub The Collectors Club, 1979, 296pp inc over 100 illustrations
A thorough study covering the period 1841-1921

Postal Cancellations of the Ottoman Empire Part 1,
Turkey in Europe, Albania, Yugoslavia, Greece, Bulgaria, Roumania

by John H Coles & Howard E Walker, pub Christie’s-Robson Lowe, 1984, 103pp

Yugoslavia 1919-20 Typographed Chain Breakers
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Yugoslavia Revenues
by John Barefoot, 2003, 32pp
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