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Specimen Newspaper Wrappers from Belgium

In November 1877 two values of specimen newspaper wrappers on cream paper were produced. They were produced in 2 sizes 320 x 40mm and 320 x 60mm. The 40mm wrappers were printed on sheets of 30 wrappers and the 60mm wrappers were printed on sheets of 20 wrappers. A total of 300 sheets of each size and value were printed.

1877 Belgium Specimen 1c 1877 Belgium Specimen 5c

part sheets of the 60mm wrappers shown below

1877 Belgium Specimen 1c part sheet
1877 Belgium Specimen 5c part sheet

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Does anyone know why Belgium did not proceed with using newspaper wrappers?

Belgique - bande pour journaux neuve surchargée SPECIMEN - 5 centimes Brun - 1 centime vert