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Egyptian Newspaper Wrappers

A total of 12 different newspaper wrappers were issued by Egypt.

The first ones were issued in 1889 and the last one was issued in 1947.

The size of all Egyptian newspaper wrappers is 125mm x 300mm.

1 January 1889
Sphinx & Pyramid design. Printed by De la Rue & Co, London.
Egypt 1889 newspaper wrapper sphinx and pyramid    Egypt 1889 newspaper wrapper sphinx and pyramid
Both these two wrappers were produced on two different papers - on a buff paper and on a yellowish paper.
These wrappers were also overprinted SOUDAN for use in Sudan.
Fred Melville states, in his book "Egypt",  that in 1911 the total number of items sent using the newspaper rate was 17,054,000 inland and 13,595,000 foreign.
Egypt newspaper wrapper used Helouan
Wrappers of the 1889 issues are most commonly found postmarked Cairo or Alexandria.
This example is postmarked HELOUAN and is addressed to Germany.

Egypt newspaper wrapper used 1897 Alexandria
A 1m wrapper uprated with 1m stamp for local use in ALEXANDRIE in 1897. Uprated wrappers used locally are very rare.

Egypt newspaper wrapper handstamped Pliene Mer
The "PLEINE MER" handstamp was applied to mail posted on the high seas, (prior to the term "PAQUEBOT" being introduced). The handstamp as on this wrapper was in use in Port Said and Suez during the period 1892 to 1898.
The handstamp was normally applied when the item had been posted. I cannot think of any reason why it has been applied to this unused newspaper wrapper apart from being done by favour.

See Pleine Mer Cancels (on the TPO & Seapost Society website) for more information on Pleine Mer cancels

Egypy newspaper wrapper 1907 Ionian Bank overprint
This 2m wrapper has been overprinted for use by the Ionian Bank Limited. It was used from Alexandria to Stockholm, postmarked 1907.
Private overprints on Egyptian newspaper wrappers tend to be very scarce

8 January 1914
Sailboats (1m) or Cleopatra (2m) design, printed by De la Rue, London
Egypt 1913 newspaper wrapper sailboats  Egypt 1913 newspaper wrapper Cleopatra

Design of 1m
For the 1m, Melville describes the design as "gyassas or sailing-boats on the Nile".
Stanley Gibbons describes the boats as "feluccas".

Design of 2m
Ascher describes the design on the 2m stamp as that of "Osiris",  Higgins and Gage as that of "Cleopatra" and Sehler as that of "Hathor".
Fred J Melville in his book "Egypt", published in 1915, describes the design as that of "Cleopatra in the garb and head-dress of the goddess Isis".  Stanley Gibbons describes the design as "Cleopatra from Temple of Dendera". So three out of five agree that it is Cleopatra.

Egypt newspaper wrapper 1924
Wrappers issued from 1914 onwards are very much more difficult to find. This 2m wrapper from the 1914 issue has been uprated an additional 2m for use from Alexandria to Winterthur, Switzerland in 1924.

Egypt newspaper wrapper Revue Egyptienne   Egypt newspaper wrapper Revue Egyptienne
A 2m wrapper overprinted for use by the "Revue Égyptienne", from Alexandria to Winterthur in Switzerland
Another rare example of a private overprint on an Egyptian postal stationery newspaper wrapper.

Egypt 1922 Newspaper Wrapper with cutout
An extremely rare, possibly unique, example of an Egyptian newspaper wrapper cutout on a newspaper wrapper.
A 1914 issue 2m Cleopatra wrapper used in 1922 from Alexandria to Mannheim in Germany; the cut out is from the same issue newspaper wrapper.
In 18 years of collecting newspaper wrappers this is the only example I have seen from Egypt with a cut out.

Cut outs were not valid for postal use in Egypt. See the article by Mike Murphy, "Stationery Cutouts Valid for Postage?", (in The Quarterly Circular of The Egypt Study Circle, No 245, June 2013).
where he states that every Egyptian Postal Guide that I have seen (admittedly, not many!) between 1911 and 1935 carries a short paragraph immediately following the description of what postal stationery is currently available. It says:
"The stamps cut from these envelopes or envelope-letters, post cards, and wrappers, cannot be used as a means for prepayment of postage, and any article bearing one of these stamps will be charged as unpaid or insufficiently paid."

Egypt newspaper wrapper packet band
Newspaper wrappers were supplied in packets enclosed in a packet band. As these packet bands served no purpose once the wrappers had been used it is now extreamely rare to find a example. There is nothing recorded about these items and it is not clear which newspaper wrapper this packet band came from. It's not even possible to date it.

Change of colours - Sailboats(1m) or Cleopatra (2m). Printed by Harrison & Sons, London.
Egypt 1931 newspaper wrapper sailboats  Egypt 1931 newspaper wrapper Cleopatra

King Faud design. Printed by Survey Department, Cairo.
Egypt 1932 newspaper wrapper King Faud   Egypt 1932 newspaper wrapper specimen
Egyptian newspaper wrappers with a year of issue printed on the wrapper (as in the example shown above)  are specimens from the Universal Postal Union archive; the date stamp was applied by the UPU (usually only 3 copies).

King Faud design. Printed by Survey Department, Cairo.
Egypt 1937 newspaper wrapper King Faud

Young King Farouk design. Printed by Survey Department, Cairo.
Egypt 1939 newspaper wrapper King Farouk
On the 1 mill the indicium is 25mm high, larger than on the 4 mills

Egypt 1939 newspaper wrapper King Farouk with content
Egypt 1 mill newspaper wrapper used July 1943, uprated with 2 x 1 mill postage stamps, with original content. Postal stationery newspaper wrappers intact with original content are extreamly rare

Young King Farouk design. Printed by Survey Department, Cairo.
Egypt 1941 newspaper wrapper King Farouk
On the 4mills the indicium is 24¼mm high, smaller than on the 1mill

King Farouk, Marshal design. Printed by Survey Department, Cairo.
Egypt 1947 newspaper wrapper King Farouk
Wrappers from the 1947 issue were printed on matt paper and on glazed paper.

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