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Great Britain Postal Stationery Newspaper Wrappers

Both post office issues and stamped to order wrappers were available in Great Britain STAMPED TO ORDER
The facility to obtain Stamped to Order newspaper wrappers in tGreat Britain was introduced in 1855. The stamping was done at Somerset House on paper supplied by the customer. A notice, giving details that this service was available, was issued on 8 October 1855 and the wording of this notice was as follows.
Inland Revenue.
8th October, 1855.

THE Board of Inland Revenue have, in conformity with the provisions of the 4th section of the 18th and 19th Vict., c. 78, provided the necessary apparatus for impressing with Postage Stamps paper sent in by the Public for the covers or envelopes of letters. Notice is therefore given, that the Board are now prepared to receive paper to be delivered at the Head Office, Somerset House, London, for the purpose of being impressed with Stamps for denoting the several rates of postage, subject to the following Regulations, namely: -

When the amount of the Stamps required by any person shall not exceed 10, a fee of One Shilling will be charged in addition to the duty if paper of one size only be sent in, and if more than one size be sent in, then a fee of One Shilling for each size.

On the Warrants hereafter mentioned no fee will be payable, but the sizes of paper will be restricted as follow-
When the amount exceeds 10 and is under 20, paper of one size only will be received.
If the amount exceeds 20 and is under 30, two sizes of paper only will be received.
30 and under 40, three sizes of paper.
40 and under 50, four sizes of paper, and not more than four sizes of paper will be allowed to be included in any one Warrant of however high an amount.

No folded envelopes can be stamped, and therefore paper, whether intended for envelopes or for letters, must be sent in unfolded; and every distinct size and form of envelope or paper must be marked so as to indicate the place on which the Stamp is to be impressed, in order that it may appear in the proper position, according to the rules of the Post Office, when the envelope or letter is folded and made up.

No coloured paper can be received for Stamping, nor any paper of such thinness as not to bear the impression of the dies.

Envelopes provided by this Office with the proper Stamps thereon will be substituted for any of those sent in which may be spoiled in the operation of Stamping.

It should be borne in mind that licensed Vendors only are authorized to sell Postage Stamps impressed as above-mentioned, or any other.

By Order of the Board,
W H Smith newspaper wrapper to Algiers
A Stamped to Order newspaper wrapper from W H Smith & Son, c1880.
This example has an advertising ring around the indicium.

Advertising rings surrounding the embossed stamp were allowed from 1857 till 1888. These were embossed in one operation, as the above example, by Somerset House or sometimes added privately afterwards.

Numerous businesses availed themselves of this facility and produced their own stamped to order newspaper wrappers. They are generally easy to recognise because the indicium in most cases is different from the post office issue.

Nestle 1859 stamped to order
Newspaper wrapper Stamped to Order for Nestle Andreae & Co used 20 Aug 1859 to Basel Switzerland. The indicium was stamped on 17 11 58

In total over 2,400 different stamped to order newspaper wrappers are known currently, when one takes into consideration all the different combinations of indicium with all the different private overprints on them.

Among these there are many scarce and rare item. Furthermore, there are, amongst these, several unique items, such as the following item.

George Rowney ES30 newspaper wrapper

The indicium on this wrapper, ES30 a d blue green King Edward VII, is common on envelopes. But this is the only known example of a wrapper with this indicium, which was produced for George Rowney & Co about 1902.

The facility to have paper stamped to order continued to be available until it was discontinued on 31 October 1973.

Stamped to Order Great Britain Newspaper Wrappers
from Stamp Domain
more information of some of the many users of these wrappers.

New Catalogue for Newspaper Wrappers
See also Newspaper Wrappers where you can find infornation about newspaper wrappers from other countries and the latest news about the "Postal Stationery Newspaper Wrapper Catalogue".

This catalogue lists all the different Post Office issues, all the different stamped to order wrappers and all the known different overprints on these wrappers.

Post Office issue newspaper wrappers were first made available to the general public, in the UK, on 1 October 1870.

The last issue of GB post office newspaper wrappers was made in August 1938 and were discontinued when stocks run out. During this period there were just 34 different newspaper wrappers issued.

The Post Office allowed these wrappers to be overprinted with return address details and / or advertising. Some 450 different overprints are known.

GB newspaper wrapper Turners Prize

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W H Smith Newspaper Wrappers
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W H Smith was the most prolific user of Stamped to Order newspaper wrappers in the world. Their usage ran into tens of millions of newspaper wrappers. A total of over 350 different newspaper wrappers are known to have been used by them. They were one of the first to start using stamped to order newspaper wrappers in the 1850s and they were probably the last to use them in the 1970s.

Mystery W H Smith Newspaper Wrapper
from Stamp Domain
Newspaper wrappers with the W H Smith overprint, without any stamp indicium and used On His Majesty's Service.

Cut-outs used on newspaper wrappers
from Stamp Domain

Stamped to Order newspaper wrappers from 84 Allerford Road
from Stamp Domain
These items, with the address 84 Allerford Road, are considered to be philatelically inspired. Each one of the 22 items was printed on three different papers - white, yellowish and buff. They were produced for or by Colin Langston.

Victor Marsh newspaper wrappers
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A newspaper wrapper Postmark Mystery

GB stationery newspaper wrapper used by the Cologne Post
from Stamp Domain

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