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GB - Questions in Parliament about Newspaper Wrappers

A Selection of pages from Hansard where the subject of newspaper wrappers has been brought up in Parliament

Grand Jury Neath newspaper wrapper

25 February 1886
Question by Mr DWYER GRAY whether, up to a couple of years ago, paper for impressed stamps for Irish newspapers was stamped at the Custom House, Dublin.

15 March 1886
Question by Mr D GRAY (Dublin, St. Stephen's Green) whether the operation of stamping of Irish newspapers was performed in the Custom House, Dublin.

14 March 1887
Question by Mr HENNIKER HEATON (Canterbury) whether it was a fact that, immediately upon the reduction in price of Vanity Fair newspaper from 1s. to 6d., the Post Office Authorities required the publisher to discontinue the use of a printed wrapper.

14 May 1896
Question by Mr HENNIKER HEATON (Canterbury) to explain why the Post Office will not extend to newspapers the advantage of posting without stamps but by simple prepayment.

29 March 1897
Question by Mr HENNIKER HEATON whether the Government is prepared to rescind the Treasury Warrant imposing a return fee of one halfpenny on undeliverable papers and packets.

20 February 1899
Question by Mr PIRIE whether the Government can see its way to propose a change in the unequal rates of postage on penny periodicals, such as "People's Friend" and "Home Words".

01 December 1909
Question by Mr HENNIKER HEATON whether facilities will be given to newspaper establishments and newspaper agencies for the posting of newspapers without affixing stamps but simply postmarking.

27 March 1913
Question by Mr JOYNSON-HICKS whether the placing of a postage stamp on a newspaper, half on the wrapper and half on the newspaper, is an infraction of the rules.

In 1918 the size of newspaper wrappers was reduced from 127 x 300 mm to 113 x 280 mm
16 March 1920
Question by Brigadier-General CROFT on whether the former length of newspaper wrappers will be restored

GB newspaper wrapper 1918
1918 Newspaper wrapper with bundle wrapper

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