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Newspaper Wrappers from Sudan

Newspaper Wrappers, in Sudan, were first issued in 1898, the year of the Battle of Omudurman, by overprinting Egyptian 1 mill and 2 mill newspaper wrappers with "SOUDAN" and "Al-Sudan" in arabic script.

Al-Sudan in arabic script
Al Soodan

Sudan 1898 newspaper wrapper    Sudan 1898 newspaper wrapper
According to "Stamps and Posts of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan" by Harold G D Gisburn and G Seymour Thomson the overpriting was done in 4 different settings as used for the stamps. All the example I have are from only one setting which does not correspond with the descriptions of the settings given in that book.

According to Ascher (Grosser Ganzsachen-Katalog, 1925), Egyptian wrappers were produced on buff (sämisch) and yellowish (gelblich) paper and the Sudan wrappers were printed only on the yellowish paper.

1898 Sudan newspaper wrapper variety
Variety with the arabic character (N) above "S" of "SOUDAN" broken

In 1902 (Ascher and H&G state 1908) two new newspaper wrappers were produced depicting the Desert Postman on Camel (Camel type).
1902 Sudan newspaper wrapper

1902 Sudan newspaper wrapper

both these wrappers can be found with "SPECIMEN" handstamped over the stamp
1902 Sudan newspaper wrapper Specimen

When supplied to the post office these newspaper wrappers were in bundles of 20 with a packet band around the bundle. Very few of these packet bands have survived.

I would very much like to know if anyone has any of these. I have been told that these are the only recorded copies for Sudan.
1902 wrappers for newspaper wrappers

Sudan newspaper wrapper used 1908
used newspaper wrapper from Khartoum 25.03.1908

In 1921, following amendments in postal rates by the 1920 UPU Congress at Madrid, necissitated the issue of a new newspaper wrapper. (The Small Camel Type)
1921 Sudan newspaper wrapper

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