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Ceylon to Hong Kong Newspaper Wrapper

Ceylon to Hong Kong Newspaper Wrapper
As a newspaper wrapper there is nothing special about this item. But on closer examinination it has features which make it special and perhaps unique. Ceylon to Hong Kong Newspaper Wrapper
To start with the wrapper is addressed to Arthur H Limpus on HMS Terrible, it is postmarked 8 May 1900. Arthur Henry Limpus was promoted to the rank of commander on 1 January 1898 and in September 1899 he was posted to HMS Terrible under Captain Percy Scott. The ship was intended for service at the China Station, but was delayed in South Africa following the outbreak of the Second Boer War. He was attached to the naval brigade which was involved in the Ladysmith relief in February 1900.

On 27 March 1900 HMS Terrible departed Durban for the China Station. From 16 April till 22 April Terrible was in Colombo and on 3 May 1900 it arrived in Hong Kong. During his brief period in this area Arthur Limpus took part in the Eight Nation Alliance which responded to the Boxer Rebellion.

There is also a 34mm cachet on this newspaper wrapper with 4mm letters "RECEIVED IN FORWARD BAG". This is a very rare handstruck marking used in Hong Kong. Only about 5 examples of this marking are known.

Arthur Limpus HMS Terrible 1898