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The Glencadam Distillery - junk mail from a Whisky Distillery?

"Whisky is liquid sunshine" ~ George Bernard Shaw


The Glencadam Distillery was founded in 1825, its founder was George Cooper. In 1827, two years after production started, the management of the site was taken over by David Scott.

In 1837 Scott sold the distillery the distillery lay silent until 1852, when Alexander Miln Thompson became the owner.

In 1857, the Glencadam Distillery Company was formed.
Gilmour Thomas Whisky Jug c 1900
A G Thomson & Co Ltd purchased the distillery in 1891. Sometime about 1902/3 the company name was changed to Gilmour Thompson & Company Limited. Glencadam was mothballed during both world wars. Their warehouses were used to barrack soldiers.

In July of 1954, Andrew Stevenson and Harry Southwell sold Glencadam to Hiram Walker & Sons for the sum of £83,400. Hiram Walker & Sons were bought out by George Ballantine & Son Ltd in 1956.

Ownership of the distillery passed to Allied Domecq through further consolidation in the industry. Allied Domecq mothballed the distillery in 2000 before selling the distillery to the present owners, Angus Dundee plc in 2003.

Today, Glencadam is the only active distillery in the town of Angus. The distillery runs at capacity, its two stills producing some 1.4 million litres annually and boasting eleven warehouses, there is plenty of room for the spirit to be matured on-site in ex-bourbon casks.

The Barry Burn, which runs off of The Moorans Mountains, provides the water used in the production of Glencandam. The water has been celebrated for being particularly soft, causing the whisky to have a creamy taste.


From the few examples of newspaper wrappers shown below one can see that the Glencadam Distillery was very active in selling its product around the world.

A G Thomson & Co newspaper wrapper 1902
Newspaper wrapper from A G Thomson & Co Limited. Posted 15 July 1902 to Venezuela.

(sometime between July 1902 and October 1903 the company name was changed from A G Thomson & Co Limited to Gilmour Thomson & Co Limited.)

Gilmour Thomson newspaper wrapper 1903
Newspaper wrapper from Gilmour Thomson & Co Limited. Posted 23 October 1903 to Rio de Janeiro.

Gilmour Thomson newspaper wrapper 1910
Newspaper wrapper from Gilmour Thomson & Co Limited. Posted on 22 July 1910 to Alexandria Egypt.