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Franklin Hanford & a Mystery Fraternity Symbol

Franklin Hanford was born in Chili, New York on 8 November 1844. He was the oldest child of William Haynes Hanford (1819-1903) and Abbey Lewis Pixley (1822-1885). After attending Rochester Free Academy he applied to the United States Naval Academy in November, 1862. After passing his entrance examinations, he discovered that, because of a recent rule change, he was too old to be admitted. Handford's Congressional representative, Alfred Ely, helped by speaking with Abraham Lincoln. As a result Lincoln wrote a note to the Secretary of the Navy, Gideon Welles, directing that Hanford be admitted. Hanford rose steadily through the ranks of ensign, master, lieutenant, lieutenant-commander, commander, captain and finally rear admiral. He retired in 1903

During his career Hanford was involved in many important assignments. He circumnavigated the globe in 1881-4 aboard the flagship Pensacola, taking observations for the determination of the variations of the compass. During the revolutions in Ecuador and Nicaragua, 1895-7, he commanded the USS Alert to protect American interests in these countries.
In 1903, Hanford retired to Scottsville to manage a farm that he had purchased some years previously.

In 1912 he suffered a stroke that paralyzed his right side.

Franklin Hanford married Sara Adelia Crosby  on 6 November 1878. His wife died of pneumonia on 10 November 1915.

Franklin Hanford died on 8 February 1928

A newspaper wrapper addressed to Frankin Hanford
USA newspaper wrapper Omega Alpha Omega fraternity
This newspaper wrapper is addressed to Rear Admiral F Hanford, Scottsville, N.Y.

What is this symbol?
It has an overprint which appears to a fraternity symbol which could be omega alpha omega. There is also a 9, a 1 and a J in the design so the symbol could also represent 1 JA 1900. If anyone has the answer I would be most interested to hear what it is.

This design newspaper wrapper was first issued in 1903 and was in current use till 1907. The indicium depicts the bust of Benjamin Franklin. The wrappers were printed by the Hartford Manufacturing Co, Hartford, Conn. They are often referred to as Franklin Hartford wrappers.

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