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"Aerophilately is the branch of philately that specializes in the study of airmail. Philatelists have observed the development of mail transport by air from its beginning, and all aspects of airmail service have been extensively studied and documented by specialists."

Both optimists and pessimists contribute to our society.  The optimist invents the airplane and
the pessimist the parachute

~ Gil Stern

First Flight Cover Breslau Munchen 1927
1927 First Flight Cover Breslau Prag Munchen

Specialist Aerophilately Societies

British Air Mail Society
If you collect air mails and your interest encompasses first flights, air mail rates or routes, balloon or Zeppelin flights, pioneer flights, interrupted or crash mails, catapult mails, internal air mails, air mails to Europe, Africa, Asia, Middle East  or the Americas and you are not a member of the British Air Mail Society, you may be missing out on much that can help to make your hobby still more interesting and rewarding!

The British Air Mail Society (BAMS) formerly the British Aerophilatelic Federation (BAeF) was founded in 1985 and incorporates the Aero Philatelic Club, London (1923) and the British Air Mail Society (1958).

American Air Mail Society
The American Air Mail Society (AAMS) is the second oldest aerophilatelic society in the world, presently with about 1,000 members world-wide.

Irish Airmail Society
The Irish Airmail Society was founded in 1989. Coincidentally, it was formed in the year of the 50th Anniversary of the first regular passenger and airmail service across the North Atlantic to Foynes. The current membership stands around 50 members.

Air Mail Society of New Zealand
The Air Mail Society of New Zealand was founded in 1930 at the commencement of regular aerial services in this country.

Metropolitan Air Post Society
The Metropolitan Air Post Society, MAPS, is a non-profit association of aerophilatelists. We started as the Metropolitan Airmail Cover Club, MACC, in 1941. We still collect covers as souvenirs of memorable air mail and aviation events. However, our emphasis has changed over the years and we are increasingly interested in air post history, and the development of aviation, airlines and air mail services.

The Canadian Aerophilatelic Society
The CAS provides a forum for the exchange of information among Canadians who are interested in any aspect of world-wide aerophilately, and for collectors from around the world who are interested in Canadian aerophilately.

The Wreck & Crash Mail Society
The Wreck & Crash Mail Society was formed in the latter part of 1994, and is devoted to the collecting and study of all aspects of delayed and/or damaged mail and interrupted mail services.

Zeppelin Study Group
The Zeppelin Study Group was founded in 1987 and over the years has become the largest international society for zeppelin mail and airship memorabilia collectors.

First Flight Cover Stockholm to Anchorage 1958
1958 SAS First Regular Flight Stockholm to Anchorage over the North Pole

Pages from Stamp Domain

Disaster in the Gambia
"Lufthansa made use of the airport at Leshwang, in the Gambia. It was here that a setback occurred in March 1937, when disaster befell the German Heinkel He 111 “Rostock” (D-ALIX) as it was preparing to land at the end of its flight from Las Palmas."
by Ian Nutley

The Legend of Lindbergh
"The Legend of Lindbergh shows how the outstanding flying career of Charles Lindbergh can be traced through Aerophilately."
by Derrick Pillage

Aero-Targ Air Post Stamps
"The Aerotarg company, following an agreement by them with the Polish Ministry of Post & Telegraph, issued these stamps. It was agreed that in addition to the normal express postage rate, payable by the use of normal Polish stamps, there would be an additional payment for airmail, payable by the use of the Aerotarg stamps."

Specimen Envelope for the proposed Algarsson North Pole Dirigible Flight

Air Crash Mail of Imperial Airways and Predecessor Airlines
This 225 page book lists all the known crashes, interruptions and forced landings of Imperial Airways and its predecessor airlines.
review of a book by Kendall C Sanford

Pioneer Air Posts of the Empire
This 24 page booklet tells the story of the Empire's Air Mails from the early beginnings to 1934. It was dedicated to the memory of  Lord Northcliffe who did a much in advancing the cause of British Aviation
by A T Waters, published  as a supplemet to "Stamp Collecting" on 5 May 1934

First Flight Cover Stettin to Oslo 1927
1927 First Flight Cover Stettin Kopenhagen Gotenburg Oslo

Selection of pages of Aerophilately

International airmail covers recall the ‘Day of Infamy’
by Ken Lawrence, Linn's Stamps
After Japan’s surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared Dec. 7, 1941, to be “a day which will live in infamy.”

by Kendall C Sanford
Aerophilatelic & Commercial Aviation Literature, Crash & Wreck Covers, First Flight Covers etc A Dirigible and Zeppelin History Site

Alcock & Brown flight to Ireland
by Allan Reeder, staff editor at The Atlantic Monthly

You haven't seen a tree until
you've seen its shadow from the sky.

~ Amelia Earhart

Boeing 747SP Website - Flight covers

Catapult Mail
Page dedicated to catapult mail sent from the two German ships "S/S BREMEN" and "S/S EUROPA".

Collecting Airmail
Airmail collectors, or aerophilatelists, come from all walks of life throughout the world. They all share a passion for aviation and its impact on worldwide communications.
Cheryl Ganz, Editor

Switzerland 1979 Aerophilately Day

F I P Commission for Aerophilately
"If you would like to exhibit your favourite aerophilatelic material, you should be a member of a philatelic society and aim to exhibit first at a local or regional stamp exhibition near where you live. Much experience can be gained from exhibiting at this level. After you have learned more about exhibiting, you may wish to show your material at national level. Once a vermeil medal is won at a national exhibition, you may try exhibiting internationally."

The German V1 Rocket Leaflet Campaign
by Herbert A Friedman
Aerial propaganda leaflets have been disseminated by a host of weapon systems and other means. The most common is the airplane; other popular methods include balloons, artillery, mortars, grenades, and small rockets. Germany distributed leaflets over Great Britain, Belgium and Holland...

The Harold G Dick Zeppelin Postcard Collection
Harold G Dick ammassed an impressive collection of postcards, stamps and postmarks during his trips on various airships.  He mailed numerous postcards to himself from aboard the airships, documenting his many flights.

Hindenburg Crash Mail
Smithsonian National Postal Museam
The German zeppelin Hindenburg made sixty-three flights, including ten roundtrips to the United States in 1936. It met tragedy on May 6, 1937 ...

Luxembourg Special Flight Covers
by Gary Little
Lising of Twenty-eight Luxembourg National Flights starting with the first flight on 10 April 1931. Also Balloon flights, rocket flights, helicopter flights and flights of other airlines.

The Pan Am Flying Boat Service via Wake Island
This page presents some images of covers produced for the first Pan American flying boat service across the Pacific.


Rudy Pinto's Aerophilatelic Blog
Aerophilatelic items connected with India

Newly discovered Vin Fiz cover increases total to nine
by Michael Baadke
The rare 1911 25˘ Rodgers Aerial Post Vin Fiz Flyer stamp (United States Scott CL2) is known as the first stamp in the world to depict an airplane.

The Wright Brothers created the single greatest cultural force since the invention of writing. The airplane became the first World Wide Web, bringing people, languages, ideas, and values together.
~ Bill Gates

Bournemouth Royal Mail Air Services Postcard

A Selection of Books on Aerophilately

Bournemouth Royal Mail Air Services